Blessid Ghost Drops New Album And Single “The Ghostro Intro”

Phonex-based rapper Blessid Ghost has dropped his newest EP, The Ghostro Intro, along with the title track single “The Ghostro Intro“. The track is a true throwback to a grittier era of hip hop, reminiscent of acts like 2Pac and UGK.

The EP was recorded by Skeeter Rock, of Swisherbeats Records at The Saltmine Studio Oasis in Mesa Arizona, famous for putting out records by Lil Wayne, DMX, Jeezy, Lil Yachty, Gunna, Wakaflocka, ICE T, Yo Gotti, Young Greatness, Lil Peep, Riff Raff, and 21 Savage. “So I was actually in Hutchinson, Kansas when I recorded this single,” explains Blessid Ghost. “My ex-wife really didn’t want me to pursue a music career, but I chose not to listen to her and sought out a producer by the name of Skeeter Roc, who is the founder and owner of his record label Swisherbeats Records in Hutchinson, Kansas. So I originally wanted to name the track Blessid Ghost Introduced, but Skeeter Roc suggested that I name the track The Ghostro Intro so that’s how I came up with the name for the track.

Blessid Ghost is currently working with Roxwell Z Entertainment on the release of the single. Along with the single, Blessid Ghost has released a video for “The Ghostro Intro“. “The self-made music video was made by me on FL Studio and it was designed to grab the viewers’ attention with the graphics.” says the rapper.

The Ghostro Intro” is now available across all major streaming platforms. Listen to it on SPOTIFY or watch the video on YouTube below.


Blessid Ghost is an Atlanta, Georgia-based Hip-Hop artist who taps into the most primal instincts of music – creating tracks that not only entertain audiences, but also keeps them wanting to come back again and again. For Blessid Ghost, music is his chosen vessel to be able to communicate his history, while promoting unity and peace to listeners across the globe.

Blessid Ghost’s upbringing was largely based in the rural areas of Atlanta, Georgia. During his younger years, he was fortunate to be exposed to a wide variety of music, and this has inevitably gone on to shape the diverse sound that he sports today. He also cites rappers like Rakim and Big Daddy as having a profound impact on his current Hip-Hop sound.

Blessid Ghost has been making music for two years and became involved in it through his twin brother. What began as a hobby to pass time, is now growing into a full musical career for the Atlanta-based musician who has always had melodies in his head. Today, he has his sights set on having his presence known in the music industry as a distinguished and definitive rapper of our generation.

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