Bound In Fear Release Trauma Induced New Song – “Hate Circuit” – New Album August 16th

Hate Circuit‘ offers a new side of the United Kingdom Downtempo legends, Bound In Fear. The track features extremely aggressive groove, devastating vocals, and straight from hell instrumentals. Bound In Fear showed their groove with this one, and it is massively impressive. Lyrically the song is about past trauma as a child and evolving from it. The track clocks in at over 5 minutes long and visually features the work of Scott Rudd with the stunning lyric video. Bound In Fear is preparing to release their debut full length album, “The Hand of Violence“, via Unique Leader Records on August 16th, 2019. Previous efforts from the group include their EP, “Regicide“, which became very loved by the scene. Our very own Connor Welsh will be covering the album in full with a review!

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Read the official post and check out the rage filled new song, ‘Hate Circuit‘, here:

The Hand of Violence track listing:
1. Saint of Sorrow
2. The Rot Within
3. Condemned
4. Stigmata
5. Void of Life
6. Parallels
7. Hate Circuit
8. The Hand of Violence
9. So Long So Cold
10. Absolution