Brand New Chicago Band Steady/Steady Set to Reveal Themselves This Tuesday


Featuring 2 ex members of Serianna (Bullet Tooth Records), Chicago band Steady/Steady is set to release their debut single, “PSEUDO” this Tuesday, February 24th. If you’re expecting anything like what you heard with Serianna, you’ll be extremely letdown. This is a band focused more on indie pop/rock but has the most beautiful sound. It’s not anything like pop you’d hear on the radio today… in fact, you might even find yourself traveling back to the 90s with their sound! This, of course, is just my observations from checking out their teaser (below) but you can believe that New Transcendence will be behind this band 100%.

Steady/Steady is:
Chris Nutting,
Arnley Sena,
Norvin Ng,
Pat Lewandowski,
Jimmy McClanahan

Instagram: @steadysteadyband