REVIEW: Bring Your Finest – Obstacles EP




Artist: Bring Your Finest (Facebook) (Youtube)

Album: Obstacles EP

Tight Ties & Loose Lies

No Call. No Show.



Time Of Yours; Story Of Mine

Broken Machines


Bring Your Finest is an uprising Post-Hardcore band from Oklahoma! These guys have only 1 EP under their name and from the looks of it, they mean business. Right  from the start of first track you know you’re in for a special treat. This EP has became one of my favorites from an underground band. It shows that talent does exist out of the large label world.


Right away you notice these guys have a lot to let off their chest with the first track. I fell in love with the intro to “Tight Ties & Loose Lies”. Actually, I fell in love with the entire song. The song comes to with a haunting but heavy vocal and instrumental part. Following the intro comes in a very catchy clean vocals. The instrumentals and breakdowns are perfect in this first out of 6 amazing tracks. The next track “No Call. No Show” is introduced by a nice synchronization between the cleans and the screams vocalist. This song is mainly consist of cleans, but has some touchy screams every now and then. Which I think fits this song really well! The only bad part about “No Call. No Show.” Is it’s only 2 minutes and 59 seconds long. In “FightNight” I absolutely fell in love with the guitar parts. Instrumentally speaking this is my favorite song off this 6 track EP. “FightNight” has it all from catchy guitar rifts and instrumentals to ear popping vocals! As soon as the next song “Obstacles” started I found the meaning and there is a meaning behind this song that everyone can relate to. You can see why they named the EP Obstacles. Approaching the end of the EP with only 2 tracks, we’re now on “Time Of Yours; Story Of Mine”! The song comes about with heavy guitar play and intense screams! The melodies in this song are haunting but fit the instrumentals very well! We’re now on the final track “Broken Machines” Which is different from the rest of the EP as it’s softer instrumental and vocal wise. I’m not one to normally like soft play songs, but this I really liked!



This EP is a huge step in the bands career in my opinion. The tracks are well structured and have very good vocal patterns.  All fans of Post-Hardcore music should check these guys out! You will not be disappointed. Bring your finest truly does bring their finest on this EP. The track that truly stood out for me was “Tight Ties & Loose Lies”


Line up:

Bobby Hall – Vocals
Tad Caraway – Vocals
Forrest Skaggs – Guitar
Franky Dillon Taylor – Guitar
Taylor Reed – Drums
Kirby Langford – Bass

Overall rating: