Above The Broken plans comeback with new music and original line-up!


After going quiet for over a year due to line-up difficulties and other life goals – Above The Broken are planning a comeback, and with all original members. The group made a heavy impression on their local metal-core community with their first two EPs, Sins (2011), and Join or Die (2012). In your face screams and breakdowns to match the melodic choruses. That’s their signature. It really shined through with their 2013 single release,  The Dark Half. Shortly after release the band quickly picked up momentum. The group suffered line-up changes that forced them to shift their entire planning board. With some time the group release Separate Roads & Hourglass. After the release of the single “Hour Glass” the band essentially went silent.  In the midst of 2015 a video was uploaded to their channel discussing their future plans. “We are not done” was said more than once, and they’re keeping their promise. They’ve announced a new single for May. The exact date is yet to be announced. When I asked the band if they had anything to say to the recent hints on their Facebook page they gladly responded:

“All Original Members getting back together. We plan to release a single in May (Date TBD). More music is written and being currently written and will try our hardest to release more stuff this summer. We are very sorry it took us this long. We will be releasing a studio update in the next few weeks with some real info and good old fashion band humor. It feels great to be surrounded by friends that love music. The band had struggled a lot with members quitting and it was never anything hostile just people needing to move on in life. We are playing shows in Portland soon! The thing that sparked the reformation of the band was the original drummer and guitarist (Michael and Serafin) Contacted me saying they missed it and wanted to try again. So here we are. With 3 new songs written. 1 to be hopefully released in May, and possibly a new EP/Album by the end of this year! It’s an open door. We aren’t worried about getting signed or touring anymore so it’s just for the love of music and fun. which takes so much pressure off our shoulders. We know we owe our fans so we’re trying our best to live up to the momentum we lost in 2013.”



It’s okay ATB, we still love you. The group has plans to get on their local stage soon. Stay informed on their Facebook page: Here