Above The Broken Rebrand as Banishment To Prepare For New Music!

Back in 2012 Portland, Oregon’s Metalcore outfit Above The Broken took the scene by storm with their EP “Join or Die“! The band quickly gained traction both locally and on the national level. What followed after that EP was the single “The Dark Half“. Which, yet again, took the scene by storm and gained massive attention. After “The Dark Half” the band went stagnate and released 2 more singles, “Separate Roads”, and “Hourglass” before disappearing completely. Above The Broken’s Facebook has been very cryptic lately following the announcement of the rebranding. Banishment is a new band forming from old ashes. Made up of 5 members from various past projects looking to combine their talent and expertise in creating original melodic Hardcore music. Banishment is made up of two former members of “Above The Broken”; Bassist & Vocalist Logan Cheshier and “Sustainer” Guitarist Devin Stanford. Cody Anglin formerly of “We Rise The Tides” on the drums after a 6 year hiatus. Anthony Laur formerly of “To The Wind” will be the lead guitar. Cory Lee formerly of “Paragon” will be doing lead vocals.

Banishment arrives in Fall of 2019 with a 5 track EP.

Above The Broken:
“The Dark Half”

“Separate Roads”