“We had about 80 songs recorded during this time, but we kept throwing away recordings and starting over again until we felt we created something totally new.”  Marcel Neumann, Guitarist for German quartet, We Butter The Bread With Butter (WBTBWB)underscores the band’s drive for spiritual and stylistic growth in the three years between full-length albums.  The resulting album, Goldkinder, dropping August 13th will be WBTBWB’s third full-length and their first official physical release for the U.S.  Recorded by the band themselves and mixed by the legendary Stefan Glaumann (Rammstein, Apocalyptica), Goldkinder is the widest ranging yet the most cohesive WBTBWB release to date.  Incorporating the technical harmonics of metal and the hooks of electro-pop into heavy rock, songs range from in-your-face pit-starters like “Alles Was Ich Will” to tunes with colossal melodies like “Mayday Mayday.”  The resulting thirteen songs deliver on the promise of past releases and threaten to bring WBTBWB-mania to a worldwide audience.

While Neumann admits that they may shock some fans who loved the pure aggression of 2010’s full-length, Der Tag an dem die Welt unterging, he says “we didn’t want to be carbon-copy band # One Million and onewith the same elements, the same sound and same structures as everyone else.  It makes us sad to see every band trying to copy themselves or others.” Obviously any band naming itself something as non-threatening as We Butter The Bread With Butter expecting to gain an audience in the heavy music landscape is not afraid to take chances. Speaking on their moniker, Neumann says, “When we were forming the band, the overall metal landscape was rife with morose imagery and nihilist lyrics. While we play music influenced by metal, our personalities certainly don’t echo the negative worldview that dominates the scene. Our name reflects our humor, not our musical style.” Positivity is a strong force within the band with lyrics and song subjects centering on wishes, dreams and even fairy tales. 

Formed in 2007, WBTBWB released their debut album, Das Monster aus dem Schrank in 2008.  The album led to high profile shows with A Day To Remember and Callejon in Germany’s major cities. Media outlets quickly took notice of this odd and electrifying young band; with European taste-making staple Kerrang UK praising the group’s use of symphonic and electronic elements to make its “bloodying metalcore sound even more massive.” The past few years found the group, rounded out by drummer Can Özgünsür, vocalist Paul Bartzsch and bassist Maximilian Pauly,dominating stages at some of Europe’s biggest music festivals like Rock am Ring / Rock im Park and Wacken Open Air.

Helping them standout at such high-profile shows is We Butter The Bread With Butter’s dedication to delivering the largest spectacle in a live setting. Inspired by a variety of extravagant performers (from Rammstein to Lady Gaga), the group reinvests much of their income back into their stage show and experiments with such props as pyrotechnics, confetti cannons, light towers and full body-suit clad living statues. “We definitely bring more lighting equipment on the road with us than we do instruments,” admits Neumann.

A true testament to the band’s international musical appeal can be seen in North America. Despite having NEVER set foot on U.S. soil or releasing a CD in America, a sizable fan base in the States has connected to their music after discovering the band via social media and recommendations. A result of this was Der Tag an dem die Welt unterging, cracking the iTunes Top 50 upon its digital release in 2010 without a domestic label or push. “Most of our t-shirt and merch sales over the past few years are from the U.S.” confirms Pauly(simply referred to as Max by friends). “Our Facebook page gets new follows from U.S. kids every day, it’s amazing!”

The Projekt Herz EP (which dropped on June 4th) is the band’s first official U.S. release.  Meant as a transitory release to ease longtime fans in the sound-shift from Der Tag to Goldkinder; Projekt Herz has caught the attention of notable U.S media such as Revolver Magazine and Metal Insider as well as Sirius XM’s Liquid Metal who are currently spinning the song “USA” on regular rotation.

We Butter The Bread With Butter will be announcing a U.S. tour in support of Goldkinder in the coming weeks. Videos for several songs on the album will be making their U.S. premiere shortly.

More Info: www.wbtbwb.com/