California’s Embrace The Confusion Formulates Deathcore Beautifully With Metalcore

Embrace The Confusion is an Pomona, California Deathcore band. The group of friends are gearing up to release their upcoming EP – “Plagued Existence” on August 16th, 2019! Formulating Deathcore with a small touch of Metalcore vocalization and melodies. The California natives has released two singles to prepare for “Plagued Existence“. The first track, “Beyond The Wanderers”, was released back in December of 2018. This single introduced us to Embrace The Confusion. What caught my eye with these guys and this song in particular was the melodic clean chorus. I was not expecting it but I was glad it was there. The entire song is well structured. The second single, “Phylakes Contact“, play more to the sheer heavy side. There wasn’t any cleans in this song. This song highlighted the well developed writing patterns the band has to fluidly navigate back and forth in their style. The EP is said to hold varies styles and no one song sounds alike. The band has played shows with Slaughter To Prevail, Signs of the Swarm, Traitors, and more! Embrace The Confusion is looking to getting out there more with the release of “Plagued Existence” right around the corner. Lend Embrace The Confusion your ear and I’m sure you’ll be pleased.

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Check out “Beyond The Wanderers” & “Phylakes Contact” below:

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