Somewhere To Call Home Taps Into The Effects of Medication & Anxiety With New Song – “LEECH”

Nu-Metal lives strong with the Albany, New York heavy hitters in Somewhere To Call Home! The Albany natives released their powerful new track titled, “LEECH“, today via Chugcore! The single is the second track debuted off of the bands upcoming EP – “Panic Disorder” which is geared for an August 30th release! The EP tackles mental health,  anxiety, and the namesake panic disorders. The lyrical content of “LEECH” tackles the adverse effects medicine has on people with anxiety and panic disorders. Experiences had by members of the band themselves. The song released with a music video directed by Brandon Lane at BL Media Design! Musically speaking it brings fresh flavor to Nu-Metalcore – Done so in groovy blend with powerful vocals, and mountain moving percussion makes up the new era of Somewhere To Call Home! We asked the band if they’d like to give us any insight on “Panic Disorder” and they responded:

Pain, stress, fear, anxiety.. panic. This is us, trying to convey the panic attacks, sleepless nights, weeks of manic gloom. If you feel these emotions, you’re not alone. Your mind is a scary place, and it’s worse when you let it free. This is our Panic Disorder

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Below we attached the brand new video and their upcoming tour dates with Reign and Deadculture!

Spin “LEECH” here: