“Cancel Cult” – Pushing Veronica

As what passes for modern “Rock ‘n’ Roll” gets more uptight, inoffensive, and corporate, we must look to the youth for some guidance and a whole lot of help! Not even close to legal drinking age (but musically intoxicating nonetheless), Southern California upstarts Pushing Veronica encourage the sort of uninhibited irreverence that’s worthy of chanting along to in unison. The quartet — Oli Litner [vocals, guitar] Julien Silvas [vocals, guitar] Noah Rozansky [bass] and Brady Ward [drums] craft a catchy and caustic style of their own best described as, “Ballpit Rock.” Think a post-millennial Blink-182 unafraid to take inspiration from memes and modern pop culture and you’re halfway there… “Veronica is the embodiment of everything we observe and question in society” Oli explains. “We poke holes in the ideas that are shoved down our throats by the world around us, and we push our commentary to highlight the absurdity of modern values.” So, jump in the Ballpit with Pushing Veronica — you just might have the time of your life. “This is all about being your authentic self,” the guys agree. “We welcome you into our revolution!”