Captain Graveyard unleash their EP “Stor Kuk Energi”

The eye catching electronic based metalcore band Captain Graveyard started turning heads with their cover of 3OH!3’s hit song “Don’t Trust Me”. After that, the trio released more covers, and eventually original songs. The band has long teased the arrival of their debut EP “Stor Kuk Energi”, and now it’s finally unleashed onto the world. Captain Graveyard is unique for the reasons they blend the early electronic elements found in the wave of metalcore and music in general that ran rampart in the 2000’s. They pull this off like hopping inside a time travelling machine and coming back to those wild metalcore days. The EP is a very strong entry for Captain Graveyard, and fans are enjoying the material the trio has created together. The band shows strengths in multiple aspects of their music, instead of just one or two. Captain Graveyard has also just released their lyric video for “Mercedes Dishes” featuring Emil & A.J of Eyes Set To Kill. The guitar and percussion work is well thought out and written to blend with the electronic elements. One of my favorite track has to be “Drowning” featuring the lovely Misstiq. There’s a lot to like about this EP, it’s a modern touch on a nostalgic trend of metalcore’s early days.