Your Chance to Die Releases “The American Dream” Today On Red Cord Records

South Carolina’s Christian metal outfit Your Chance To Die has just released their sophomore Red Cord Records album entitled The America Dream today. Vocalist Missi had this to say about the release, “This is our third full length record, the second with Red Cord Records. The new album will be different than anything we have put out in the past, more technical and darkly ambient. It shows our growth and maturity as a band and is something we are all extremely proud of and excited to release.” Fans can expect the band to hit the road hard in support of the new release.


1. Ba’Ca (The Weeping)
2. Kolotajem (Religious Salvation)
3. Renenet (All Consuming Wealth)
4. Aphrodisia (Flaming Lust)
5. Conscience (The Great I am)
6. Ma’Vet (Death)
7. Woq’ochaj Rax
8. Oscuridad (The Darkness)
9. Virus (Suffocating Addiction)
10. Acedia (Spiritual Complacency)

Your Chance To Die is a melodic death metal band from South Carolina. They have developed an unique sound which blends traditional death metal with beautiful melodic interludes. Your Chance To Die sports a group of talented musicians coming from a range of influences from power metal to southern thrash metal. Missi Avila (vocals) leads the band, proving that female death metal vocals can be just as brutal as the opposite gender. Coca Avila and Chase Crouch (guitars) carry the band through ear catching leads and harmonizing riffs. Thomas White brings years of drumming experience to the band and is known as one of the leading metal drummers in the southeast.

In 2011, Your Chance To Die released its first official album with Red Cord Records entitled Suscitacio Somnus, recorded and produced by Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me, The Human Abstract, For Today). This full length album received very strong reviews and topped iTunes and FYE stores as best-selling metal album in its first week. Your Chance To Die’s sophomore album with Red Cord Records is set to be released late spring of 2013. This heavy yet darkly ambient record will bring a new dimension to the band and is highly anticipated by fans all over the world.