Chris Musser and Tim D’Onofrio Part Ways with From Ashes to New

Amidst speculation, it’s come to light that Chris Musser (clean vocals/screams) and Tim D’Onofrio (drums) of From Ashes to New have decided to part ways with the band. If you are familiar with the band from when they toured with Atreyu, you’ll immediately recognize D’Onofrio’s replacement, Mat Madiro¬†(ex-Trivium) who also filled in for him when he had to take time off to get married.

On their split, vocalist Matt Brandyberry and guitarist Lance Dowdle went live and were quoted as saying “change brings opportunity for us. It comes off as, you know, it sucks… but we’re looking at it from an entirely different angle.” On the band’s sound, Brandyberry stated that they’re “still From Ashes to New” and that “the core writers in the band are still there” (Matt, Lance, Branden) and that fans shouldn’t worry about how the old material is going to be played or who is going to be playing on it, nor should they have any fear about their sound going forward. Currently, Dowdle is singing on the band’s pre-production work for their upcoming 2nd full-length but that he won’t be replacing Musser.

Musser and D’Onofrio were both quoted in their statements as saying that there were “too many negative elements that could no longer be ignored” which, eventually, led to the decision to part ways. You can expect more to come from them, musically, in the future.

You can check out statements from Chris and Tim below, as well as the live stream video where Matt and Lance make their statement. As great friends of ours, professionally and personally, we wish Chris and Tim nothing but the best in the future and will be sure to bring you any updates, regarding their future musical careers.

PRESS RELEASE: Leaving FATN I want to start out by saying thank you to everyone that has showed support for me over the past three years and even the years before FATN. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for all of you, and how proud I am of all we have accomplished. I have always dreamt to be on stage and I have made many sacrifices in my life to do so but I have had some of the best times of my life up there in front of you all, and I wouldn’t change that for the world. I still love doing it but being on stage is just a small part of our day (of what we do) and off stage there has grown to be too many negative aspects to all of this, I feel like Im becoming less and less like myself, this has become no longer a positive thing for me. With all of that and my depression and anxiety stacked on top of it, this has become a not so healthy situation and I need to stay true to myself and I have to do what’s good and right for me. I need to once again find balance in my life and follow my heart. So by realizing this I can no longer keep moving forward with From Ashes to New. Life is all about figuring out what you what and what makes you happy. You have to getting rid of everything thats not good for you or makes you unhappy and do everything you can in your life to make it the best that you can possibly make it, which by making yourself the best person that you can possibly be. There is no “one size fits all” for everyone when it comes to finding what makes YOU happy. Rid yourself of the toxic people and environments in your life. After all, as far as I know we only get one shot at this life and it’s too short to spend it being miserable. I’m excited for what’s next and I hope that you understand and will continue to follow me as I move on to the next chapter of my life. I will still continue my love for singing and song writing just in a little bit different direction and I will be continuing to focusing more on my art and what ever else this crazy life has in story for me. I wish you all and From Ashes to New the best in the future! #fromashestonew #fatn #chrismusser

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