CHUGCORE EXCLUSIVE SINGLE REVIEW: “Karma Killer” – Whole Hearted [2015]

Artist: Whole Hearted

“Karma Killer” – Single


Life gives and takes. Not just in the most obvious ways–birth and death–but in more subtle ways that influence the events that fill your existence. This system–essentially a set of spiritual checks and balances is called karma; but you already know that. What you might not know about is the debut single by a fresh, conceptually driven band, Whole Hearted, aptly named “Karma Killer.” Whole Hearted assault the listener with everything in their arsenal to provide a comprehensive heavy music experience with influences ranging from traditional hardcore to “trendier” lower and slower alternatives. “Karma Killer” is the debut by a band who plan to use several vocalists from underground bands around the world, and while it’s heavy enough to take your breath away, it’s fresh enough to renew your interest in all things that chug and groove.

“Karma Killer” is an entire armory’s worth of weapons just waiting to bludgeon, cut, stab and shoot the listener. With instrumentation that ranges from lacerating lead riffs to gut wrenching grooves and lobotomizing, lurid breakdowns, Whole Hearted leave no stone unturned. Vocally, the approach is just as relentless–as low growls reminiscent of Taylor Bryant (Beacons) fight hand in hand with screeching highs and blistering mid-range yells that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Dealey Plaza venture. “Karma Killer” takes a series of bouncy and bold musical twists and turns, but none drastic enough to shake the persistent and punishing nature of the vocals. While Whole Hearted’s sound may not quite match the original nature of the band’s overall project, it is a still an invigorating and entertaining experience that shows the band working whole-heartedly at delivering a passionate and pulverizing metalcore anthem.



For Fans Of: Beacons, We Have Been Compromised, Victims, Witness

By: Connor Welsh