Up and coming metalcore band Outmayr release their new song ‘Spirit Breaker’

Formed in 2020 came a promising new band by the name of Outmayr. The group was formed from the remains of the former band Wasted Youth and their talent shines through. The four-piece metalcore group hails from Italy and brings unique flavor to the metalcore genre. Outmayr has recently unveiled their newest song “Spirit Breaker”. The song conjures an electronic ambiance to the atmosphere to complement the high energy the new song packs. “Spirit Breaker is a fine combination of the band’s melodic hardcore sound, and a blend of modern deathcore. Lyrically the song tackles the heated emotion of anger and being frustrated with being misunderstood, representing the will to understand your mental balance. Outmayr premiered ‘Spirit Breaker’ exclusively through BVTV Music, garnering a good amount of a views for a creatively shot music video that complements a fantastic song. Outmayr has released a handful of singles since their creation, with ‘Spirit Breaker’ being a gateway for what’s to come from the band. Outmayr has started the writing process on their debut full length album, and we’re excited to see the next chapter of Outmayr!