Common Thieves Dig Up the Past with Debut EP, “Exhumed,” Premiere Title Track

Common Thieves is a band that we’ve followed for awhile and, honestly, they just get more impressive with each release. Tomorrow (June 17th) they’ll be releasing their new single, “Exhumed.” The title track from their debut EP, Exhumed – Vol. I, it is a perfect representation of the diversity that the band has to offer. Influences from deathcore, metalcore, punk and black metal all exist within this one track, which sits just under 4 minutes. It’s also the only track on the EP to feature a guest vocalist, Aidan Holmes of Dealer (Stay Sick Recordings). Vocalist, Parker Blair, and Holmes have distinctly different vocal styles, making it easy to pick out when he comes in and delivers a short, but effective vocal passage.

The song speaks on things from the past, coming back to try to haunt you, and how you deal with those situations. It’s a subject that everyone can relate to and presents the overall theme for the EP, to be released on July 19th, independently and will include the current singles “Scraped,” “Cvltist” and “Exhumed”. Within the EP itself, you will find a variety of styles that would normally clash with one another but make a perfect home here. Details on the EP will be released tomorrow, including artwork and track list. “Exhumed” releases tomorrow, so be sure to check it out!

Here’s what the band had to say on the release of the track:

” The song is the perfect track to announce the EP with, not only is it because it’s the title track but because it displays the overall tone and feeling the EP has. If you enjoy this track then i think you’ll definitely enjoy the full EP. ” – Parker Blair

“This was the last song we wrote for the record and leading up to release i feel that it does display the overall vibe and feeling that the rest of the EP carries. What we were delving into lyrically with this song was the idea of having your past or petty situations being brought back to cause trouble and this is kind of our response/outlook to these type of situations.” – Alex Woods

” This song (Exhumed) was something that was created out of the feeling of agony, and this record; is meant to be a sort of portrait of pain if you want to put it dramatically” – Riley Harman

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Parker Blair
Alex Woods
Riley Harman

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