Common Thieves Erupt Onto the Scene with Debut Single, “Cvltist”

Common Thieves Erupt onto the Scene with Debut Single, “Cvltist”
Now available on all major DSPs
Exclusive Premiere via BeheadingTheTraitor on 8/25/18

While heavier music, generally, isn’t my cup of tea… there are a few exceptions to that. When I first heard Common Thieves debut single, “Cvltist,” I was immediately hooked. It isn’t overly technical, it’s heavier than you’d ever expect out of the members that make up the band and it just SLAPS! When GlassFigures disbanded, Alex Woods and Parker Blair decided to create something completely different, out of a yearn to change up their style. Thus, Common Thieves was born and any pre-conceived notions about what their new music would sound like was out the window. Speaking to Woods, he’s informed me that “wow! this is heavy!” is the most common reaction they’ve received. Today, “Cvltist” can be found on all major streaming platforms and will get an official premiere on one of heavy music’s premiere YouTube channels, BeheadingTheTraitor.

Speaking on the release of “Cvltist” and the formation of Common Thieves, Woods had the following to say:

“I have a lot of negative memories with GlassFigures, the music was fun but nothing about it was special to me. Going back and fourth on members and Parker and I weren’t really happy with how things were going. There were some positives to it I guess, you look at each failed project as a learning experience and you can learn from your mistakes. Common Thieves is something where there’s no line in the sand content wise, we’re not trying to be careful so we can cater to a certain audience In hopes of drawing more attention. This is the realist and truest form of where we are in our lives and this is us writing what we want and I think it definitely shows musically and lyrically, we are finally putting out something we’re genuinely proud of.”

Blair goes on to say:

“GlassFigures was a mess honestly. Consistant lineup changes and undedicated members makes it hard to go anywhere. Dedication is key to making a band run smoothly. Common Thieves came about right after Glass Disbanded. We wanted to write on our own terms and make something we’re genuinely proud of. This is our last attempt. It’s now or never.”

Check out the track, via the embedded Spotify player below and let them know what you think!

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