Concert Review: The King of the Wild Frontier Still… Adam Ant

Adam Ant began his Kings of the Wild Frontier Tour in his homeland, the UK, and his adoring fans relished each moment listening to his 1980’s breakthrough album, Kings of the Wild Frontier played in its entirety live along with many of his other hits.

As the tour made its way to the states Adam continued his tradition of standing, dancing, swashbuckling, guitar playing, crooning, and owning the audience as only he can do. Adam Ant and his opening band, the LA Sunset Strip Glam Rockers, Glam Skanks, hit the Rialto Theatre in Tucson, Arizona on Feb. 11, 2017.

The Glam Skanks back-story really began with the music influences that surrounded guitarist Veronica Volume (AKA V). Growing up V’s dad (musician and producer Bruce Witkin) was well connected with Adam Ant having performed on his album, Wonderful. Adam was a family friend according to V, so when the time arrived for Adam to tour the Glam Skanks videos were shown to him and they became a part of the Kings of the Wild Frontier Tour.

The Glam Skanks have one album out, Glitter City, and it sparks many of the classic glam rockers styles but holds this hot female band’s own signature style of having one heck of a good time making real rock n roll. Opening their set with lipstick, sparkles, and glam, their anthem song that sounds more like a teenage cheer began with “G.L.A.M.” and continued to roll on with “Teenage Drag Queen,” “Send Me A Postcard,” “Radio Blues,” and finished with “Glitter City.” Glam Skanks really puts on quite the show as they unmistakeable channel Bowie, T. Rex, The Sweet and front-woman, Ali Cat moves with the sexual prowess spent in a lynxmotion fitting that of Jim Morrison and Robert Plant.

To a completely packed house from floor to the balcony during the 20-minute interlude between the Glam Skanks and Adam Ant you could witness around the venue the die hard Adam Ant fans. Some of the Ant fans were so filled with ‘ant’icipation for their ‘Prince Charming’ to return to the stage they had purchased or made their own pirate stylized jackets, slid on their black leather pants, painted their warrior marks upon their faces, planted a pirate hat upon their heads and were more than ready to join in with Adam on the war-like cry’s and whoops!

At 62- the King of all his frontiers took to his stage. Adam is as flamboyant and a royal dandy as he ever was. With his band mates in place, a swashbuckling dress code, a mic, an audience and stage the Burundi beats began and the set opened up with “Dog Eat Dog.” His backing drummers, Andy Woodard and Jola (Double drummers was the only way to do this album proud) and donned on either side William Crewdson on guitar and Joe Holweger on bass to make what became a tour de force a la Ant Music.

Adam Ant hasn’t changed much really over the years, he is still a showman through and through.  Very little talking and interaction with the audience (a good 40 minutes passed by before Adam said “Good Evening”), but he still exudes his confidence in attitude, dance moves, and great music. He radiated. Adam performed with the heart of a lion and his ability to deliver so many of his hits would not be quelled.

Adam Ant played his hits like; “Antmusic,” “Los Rancheros,” “Ants Invasion,” “Killer in the House,” the title track, “The Magnificent Five” and “Jolly Roger.”

Without a doubt, It helps that Adam’s voice is still up to the physical challenge of bringing every vocalized nuance and quirky mannerism that helped define his cult of personality to life. Touring can be quite grueling and yet here was Adam showing us he is more in his prime today than most could imagine living up to.

The album in its completion ended with Adam performing, “The Human Beings,” but this was not to be the end of the royalty affair. The night was abuzz and the amorous feelings of Prince Charming were in motion among the ‘Ant-people’ so Adam delivered onward with his great material including, “Stand and Deliver, “Vive le Rock,” “Desperate But Not Serious,” “Good Two Shoes,” of course, “Prince Charming,” and finally “Red Scab.” If that was not enough Adam lifted his sold out crowd with a voraciously d’lish rendition of T. Rex’s “Get It On” with the final exultation of “Physical (You’re So)” all wrapped up as only Adam Ant can do.

The Wild Frontier is still ruled by this Pirate King.

Adam Ant and his King of the Wild Frontiers Tour took its course and those of us who have been the long time ‘Ant-people’ were glad to share it with all the newcomers who felt the breath of swagger and swashbuckling meant more than just a period of time. After all, Adam Ant is timeless and the ominous Burundi drums still beat that inner tribal cry of Ant Music.