Concert Review — Rock 92.7 And House Of Rock Presents The Make This Life Tour — Messer

Date: Friday, June 15th, 2018 Corpus Christi, TX

Venue: House Of Rock


Tour Package: Make This Life Tour w/Messer

Local Support:

Smash Decadence


From Form



Messer is another awesome band that House Of Rock has hosted, with a full album showcase of their self-titled album, Messer for the masses. These guys hit the ground running with every song. I arrived at House Of Rock during sound check and was greeted by Maddox, then shortly afterwards Dereak.

“We have alot more gas in the tank, than the track we’ve put out, I promise you”

Maddox Messer

Me, Maddox and Dereak headed out to the tour bus for our interview which was alot of fun and can be heard in its entirety on the New Transcendence Radio Podcast below:

Click here for the full interview on with Maddox and Dereak of Messer on New Transcendence Radio

Or click to listen below:

Warning: Mature Content


Now it was time for the show and as I said before it was a hit the ground running performance. As I looked into the crowd they were really hit with some intensity and surprise. Before the show was over everyone was next to the stage, jamming along with the performance.

The track that got everyone moving was, “Whiskey” it was definitely a crowd favorite  with a few solid riffs and some heart pounding vocals, Messer delivered at House Of Rock on this night.

Messer laid down, “Everything Beautiful” which was my stand out selection, the collaboration of Dereak’s and Maddox’s vocals combined with the slamming drums of Javier brought it to a new level for me. To me, seeing it live really gave me a new appreciation for the track.

Messer took it down from the intensity to portray a song of rememberance with, “One More Time“, and “Lay Down Your Heart” and just like with my album review when I said,

“’s an addition of these balladry tracks that shows their range from high adrenaline pumping to showing they can take it down and still rock it”

Well, this is still true while seeing it live with the tracks ringing vocals over loss and reminiscence.

Messer showed themselves to be fierce and have a statement behind their music and of course raise a little hell while they are at it! You are missing out if you don’t see this band in your area. Check them out the dates below:

Official Video for, “Make This Life”

Messer on Social Media