Concert Review – The Loudwire Generation-X Tour featuring Buckcherry, Lit, P.O.D and Alien Ant Farm

Venue: Concrete Street Amphitheater

Corpus Christi, TX

Tour Package: The Loudwire Generation-X Tour w/ Buckcherry, Lit, P.O.D and Alien Ant Farm

When I first heard about this tour I was immediately getting my request in for basically whatever I could get my hands on as far as coverage. And TAG Publicity came through with access and a photo pass. It’s clear that the point of this tour was nostalgia, which sells nowadays. Not only did Lit have a recent album, but P.O.D also announced they had one coming out as well, more on that in a minute. Even Buckcherry also mentioned recording a new album.

Artist: Alien Ant Farm

As nostalgic as this band is the crowd was still going crazy over Alien Ant Farm, the band started their setlist out with,”Bad Morning” from 2006 and started rocking a mix of tracks throughout their discography.  The band’s set up was stylish with a new AAF logo. They touched all their hits such as, “Movies” and ended their performance with the classic Michael Jackson hit, “Smooth Criminal” and there was even one point in the performance where leadman Dryden Mitchell bent down and was messing with a security guard who had to stay on alert to the audience, which made for some entertainment.

Setlist included:

Bad Morning / Forgive & Forget / Movies / These Days / Glow / Sticks and Stones / Smooth Criminal

Official Video for, “Movies

Official Video for, “Smooth Criminal

Alien Ant Farm On Social Media


Artist: Lit

Lit was the underdog on this tour but that didn’t stop them from rocking the house down. Their performance was top notch and displayed an amazing stage presence and got the whole crowd going with their hit, “My Own Worst Enemy” and “Miserable” but they also they seem to surprise the crowd by starting off their set with a cover of Tom Petty’s “American Girl” and while many bands wouldn’t dare start off with a cover, it really worked for Lit, it really got attention from the audience. Their album, “These Are The Days” is available now!

Setlist included:

American Girl / Ziplock / Someday Maybe / Good Problem to Have / Miserable / Last Time / (Four) / My Own Worst Enemy

Official Video for, “My Own Worst Enemy

Official Video for, “Miserable

Lit On Social Media


Artist: P.O.D.

P.O.D came to the stage rocking their track, “Boom” and I have to say, Sonny is very energetic having a clear few feet on stage to jump around and hype the crowd up, at one point jumping off the stage and getting into the crowd. One fan snatched his hat but quickly returned it jokingly and Sonny gave him a fist bump. Sonny jumped back on stage and starting singing another unreleased song from their new album that was called “Southern Cali in My Head” The song has a  reggae like vibe to it, which the band has been known for.

This was my first time seeing P.O.D and I couldn’t have been more excited to have experienced it. They broke out a new song that is released now called, “Rocking With The Best” off their new album,”Circles” due out November 16th!

These guys have been rocking for decades and it doesn’t seem to be coming to a halt anytime soon! Which they ended their set with a couple of their older song, “Youth Of The Nation” and “Alive” which of course sent the crowd off cheering as they finished their set.

Setlist included:

Boom / Rock the Party (Off the Hook) / Southtown / Soundboy Killa / Southern Cali in My Head / Youth of the Nation / Rocking with the Best / On Fire / Beautiful / Alive

Official Video for, “Youth Of The Nation

Official Video for, “Soundboy Killa

P.O.D On Social Media

Artist: Buckcherry

Buckcherry made all the ladies crazy! This is not a surprise as he came out all chest and sporting a long military like trenchcoat. He danced around the stage very energetic like and actually had some pretty good moves. Leadman Josh Todd’s was all over the stage with his bandmates. They came out to House Of Pain’s “Jump Around” showing off their enthusiasm to perform. Buckcherry focus was mainly on the older hits at first. The newest released song during the set was “Gluttony” from 2012’s “Confessions” but the crowd was jumping around and singing along nonetheless. Two new members, Kevin Roentgen on guitar and Sean Winchester bring it on the drums fit in perfectly with their recent addition to the group.

Buckcherry not only got the ladies in a stir by whipping his coat open a few times but they also mentioned they are recording a new album, and to be on the lookout for!

Official Video for “Crazy Bitch

Buckcherry On Social Media


Overall, The Loudwire Generation X Tour was a successful delivery of nostalgic reminiscence. It showed us that the summer was fulfilled with music of our yesteryear and allowed us to relive some moments when the music was jammed loud back in the day. While three of the artists either are recording or have newer albums out the whole show was an amazing performance all together. Be on the lookout for P.O.D’s album,”Circles” available next month and even Buckcherry who are working to bring a new album to the masses as we speak. This has been an amazing experience and I hope to do it again. Thanks to TAG Publicity, Concrete Street Amphitheater and Loudwire Magazine for an awesome time!