Concert Review — Moshpit Addict Booking and Promotions presents The Revelation Tour — The Order Of Elijah w/ We Were Giants feat A Means To An End and The Highest Control

Venue: House Of Rock, Corpus Christi, TX

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Tour Package: The Revolution Tour w/The Order Of Elijah and We We Were Giants

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I had the privilege of showing the guys of We Were Giants and The Order Of Elijah around Corpus the day before the show, we decided to check out the Bayfront and the beach area. They took in the sights. They saw the Marina and the U.S.S. Lexington, the Selena Memorial and even a master of Seagulls. As we walked along the boardwalk I spoke with them about touring and new music, and one thing is that they love being on the road. I kept up with the guys through their tour from Phoenix to their last show in Denver, and while they had a rough start their tour ended up rocking out.

The Order Of Elijah:

The set started with an ominous intro in pitch black with a build up into the intro song “Heresy”. I would have to say each member was on point from Shannon’s screams and belted vocals to James clear Bass lines while Guitarist Bryan was top notch. Josh on drums even lended backup vocals for another new song off the upcoming album. The band revealed a new song that stuck out to me called “Highly Functioning Sociopath” from their new album, Pathos, Logos, Ethos which is available soon! The guys were accommodating and knew how to hang, being chill all together. Every song on stage was full of intensity and energy and this is a band to see if you call yourself a Rock/Metal fan.


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Artist: We Were Giants:

The band put on quite the show, the song that stuck out the most to me was “Rise” because it really was full of emotion and clarity. While Blake and Kenneth belted the lyrics I got a snapshot:

One of the coolest points was when Kenneth of We Were Giants gave me a shout out to the crowd. The band was joined by drummer from I See Stars, Dakota Sammons on this tour. The band really delivered on every track and I recommend you see these guys live. Both bands gave a performance worthy of a colosseum. We Were Giants and The Order Of Elijah played with determination and executed everything perfectly and showed the crowd how to rock out! I look forward to seeing these guys again!

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