Concert Review – Nonpoint, Madame Mayhem, Hyro The Hero and Zero Theorem – Red Tape Tour Presented By Rock 92.7 – House Of Rock – Corpus Christi


Venue: House Of Rock, Corpus Christi, TX


Tour Package: The Red Tape Tour featuring Nonpoint, Madame Mayhem, Hyro The Hero, and Zero Theorem

I first heard about this show and was instantly interested as all of the artists are involved in our podcast, New Transcendence Radio, save Zero Theorem. So I had to be there. I made my proper preparations and I was set. I was my first show coverage since my Memphis May Fire review.


As I arrived unfortunately Zero Theorem was finishing up their set, so I only caught their last two songs in their set. So I mingled around and said Hi to a few people I knew til Madame Mayhem made it to stage.

Artist: Madame Mayhem

Madame Mayhem puts alot of energy into her performance. She has these elegant movements coupled with her mesmerizing vocals that you can’t help but be in awe of.

A couple songs stood out to me, “Monster” being one of them, which as she says is about, “Not letting someone tell you who to be and embracing your inner…Monster

The other song is her single, “Broken” which even as hypnotic as it comes across on the album but live it still holds that, “nuance” sound and even still interesting enough about this song, it was actually co-written with Breaking Benjamin’s own Keith Wallen! So there’s a fun fact for you guys! And her guitarist, drummer and bassist all rocked the stage in their own perspective ways!

I even bumped into Hyro The Hero while listening to Madame’s set:

Madame Mayhem’s set was great she involved the masses, she was energetic and really had the music and choreography down perfectly, and her band backed her up on point when it was time to shred or take the light.

Official Video for, “Monster


Official Video for, “Ready For Me”

Madame Mayhem on Social Media

Artist: Hyro The Hero

Hyro hit the stage blazing, his performance is octane fueled and energetic, he got the crowd going crazy in a pit about halfway through his set. He was all over the stage and his band collaboration was solid.

His set included a couple of my favorite tracks,”Never Back Down” and “Bullet” we’re stand out tracks to me and at one point before his track, “Live Your F*ckin Life,” Hyro directly addresses the social media epidemic that has swept across our generation and beyond. Then, continues to rock the stage and even flipping off the wall and actually breaking out into the crowd!

One time in particular in the show, there was a girl, clearly rocking out to the point that she was pulled on stage and she belted out the lyrics, “WAKE UP!, WAKE UP!” While being nervous, she almost “took the show” so he had to “get her off the stage” according to Hyro!

Being as dangerous and combustible and un-afraid of politics and having the nerve to speak out, it appears that Hyro The Hero is seemingly the new age Rage Against the Machine by taking the bar and pushing it just one more notch. In this world of leaders and followers it’s clear, He should definitely be followed.

Official Video for, “Never Back Down

Official Video for, “Bullet

Hyro The Hero on Social Media

Artist: Nonpoint

I was excited to see Nonpoint because we recently started promoting their new single, “Fix This” on our podcast, New Transcendence Radio! So seeing them live was a bit surreal for me. Leadman Elias even grabbed my phone!

Nonpoint gave an amazing performance starting with their track, “Miracle” which is a track full of high octane delivery. The song originally featured Chad Gray of Mudvayne. But Nonpoint sold it as a live version.

I seen Nonpoint back in 2009, I was excited to see them again after all these years. While the band was great I was also shocked by the energy given off by the fans. From the minute they took the stage the crowd was fully engaged.

Setlist included such favorites as:

Breaking Skin

The Truth

Alive and Kicking

Nonpoint did play a classic track of theirs, “What A Day” which leadman Elias was systematically grabbing people’s phomes in the crowd, which being in the front he grabbed my like mentioned above. It was a super cool moment for me.

The band ended with another classic, “Bullet With A Name” which sent the crowd into a frenzy, there were two women behind me were screaming the title all night then when the song started they went hysterical. Nonpoint ended with flair and nostalgia. It was brilliant and appreciated. They also snapped this photo with the crowd before exiting the stage.

Official Video for, “Fix This

Official Video for, “What A Day

Nonpoint on Social Media

Overall, this show was absolutely awesome. The bands all supported each other, the performances were insanely well done, lots of crowd dynamics are all part of the recipe of a fantastic show. I loved seeing the bands our podcast, New Transcendence Radio promotes, live!  Hats off to everyone involved, House Of Rock, Rock 92.7, Madame Mayhem, Hyro The Hero, Nonpoint and even Zero Theorem! Best of luck on your future tour dates!