Concert Review: Powerman 5000 – New Wave Tour feat. Knee High Fox and ZombieKing: House Of Rock – Corpus Christi

Date: November 3rd, 2017

Venue: House Of Rock, Corpus Christi, TX



Tour Package: New Wave Tour: Powerman 5000, Knee High Fox

Local Support: ZombieKing, THC (The Highest Control)


I arrive at House Of Rock which is a venue I love in the area of Corpus Christi. Immediately after I walk in I see Spider One from Powerman 5000. I introduce myself and we have a chat. He is a little under the weather but the show much go on.

I get my will call set and run into ZombieKing’s Juan Manuel. He confirms that I’m all set and that I was taken care of. Everything is good and they are all set to go on at 7:40pm.

Artist: ZombieKing

ZombieKing sets the stage with an unfortunate news of the band’s drummer quitting, but nevertheless this band persevered and once again the show must go on.

“I already dropped out of college, I can’t drop out of this performance, so grab your acoustics, we are doing this!”

Leadman jokes about dropping out the show the day before. But decided ultimately to stick it through for themselves and for their fans. 

ZombieKing really picked themselves up and delivered. What followed was a crisp clean acoustic set worthy of notoriety. The set included a acoustic cover of “Nutshell” by Alice In Chains.

ZombieKing was right on point with just a mic and a couple acoustics. Leadman Juan Manuel’s vocals were matched by Andrew Garza and Eddie Salinas’s steel strings. This is a band you have to see live.

Official Video for “Exit Life”

ZombieKing On Social Media



ZombieKing is:

Juan Manuel — Vocals

Eddie Salinas — Lead Guitarist

Andrew Garza — Bass

Artist: Knee High Fox

Knee High Fox laid down a surprising yet seductive performance that got everyone moving. Lead vocalist Christine Connolly has really surprising vocal range able to hit very subtle range to a really had scream. Her and her bandmates had quite the energy and really seemed to enjoy the spotlight once everyone got into the groove.

Two songs stuck out, “Black Widow” and “Valentine” (I will provide video links below) because she was quite sultry with her vocal delivery. Christine really was a surprise to everyone and once the stage was set she got the whole crowd rocking to her intense screaming vocals and her bandmates energy. They had highlighted paint and her facepaint faded in and out under the lights. It was an awesome effect. She definitely left the crowd mesmerized and everyone was buzzing about who that band was that just preformed.

Knee High Fox is:

Christine Connolly – Vocals

Simon Nagel – Bass

Oscar Silva – Drums 

Neal Tiemann – Guitar

Official Video for “Valentine”

Official Video for “Black Widow”

Knee High Fox on Social Media



Artist: Powerman 5000

The main event was underway, and people were getting anxious as the stage was being set-up. The lights dim and fade to black and out rush Spider One and gang, with a full on laser light show from their guitars. With strobes flashing while Spider gets the crowd hyped up.

As mentioned before Spider One was a bit under the weather but he had strong vocals and energy even though he was ailed. Him and his bandmates had incredible energy and stage presence. The band was jumping around and being very crowd engaging. Murv had a kinda robot-like movement to the beats and interacted with the audience with a green laser pointer giving a sort of light show as he robot danced around the stage and posing all the while playing, which was a site to see.

The song that stuck out to me was, “Nobody’s Real” which had the same crisp delivery as on the album, “Tonight The Stars Revolt” which also gave us the hit, “When Worlds Collide” but “Nobody’s Real” performance right out the gate in the first couple intro songs really set the tone for the rest of the show. Giving a mix of new and old hits.

Setlist included:


Hey, That’s Right

How To Be A Human

Sid Vicious In A Dress

Cult Leader

When Worlds Collide

Spider One’s vocals never faded at one moment in the performance and all of his bandmates were backing him 100% from their on stage robot antics by Murv to the rocking solos by Ty made the whole show quite the experience. These photos capture in essence more than a few of the moments that show they delivered. Powerman 5000 truly hasn’t aged and still can deliver a crowd pleasing performance and present fresh live material that can get a crowd jumping and screaming for more.

The overall performance was absolutely phenomenal. You would have never known how under the weather Spider was by his crowd engaging energy. He was a pleasure to meet and chat with and I would recommend seeing them to anyone. Hope to catch them again. Their new album, “New Wave” is available now on iTunes and Amazon Music!

Official Video For “Sid Vicious In A Dress”

Official Video for “Nobody’s Real”


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