Concert Review: The New Reign Tour – Born Of Osiris, Volumes, Widowmaker: House Of Rock

Date: July, 8th, 2017
Venue: House Of Rock, Corpus Christi, Tx



Concert: The New Reign Tour
Tour Package: Born Of Osiris, Volumes, Betraying The Martyrs, Widowmaker
Local Support: Wrath Upon The Skies, A Means To An End

This was my first concert to cover for New Transcendence and I can already assure you it was eventful. I reached out to owner Casey Lain of House Of Rock and was invited by Born Of Osiris’s Tour manager to take part in writing a review for the concert. House Of Rock in Corpus Christi will be hosting a surplus of bands including but not limited to: Trapt, At My Signal, A Means To An End, Scarecrow People, When Autumn Turns Grey and many more in the near future.

Arriving I was led around to where guest list check in was and the place was really packed with Volumes and Born Of Osiris fans everywhere so it was bound to be worth something to be remembered.

I missed A Means To An End’s set but I had seen them previously and actually ran into leadman Estevan Gonzales and was able to chat for a few minutes bout his performance. He remembered me from when I seen them at Rockits with Ded.

Wrath Upon The Skies:

The set was full of energy and F@#! You’s even a song entitled as such, drummer and vocalist Josh Monster was engaging and had the crowd going. The band has been noted as  Thrash, Melodic, Fast, and Heavy and they delivered on all these claims.


Leadman Matt Childers unfortunately had laryngitis but That didn’t stop him from performing for his fans because he didn’t speak the whole day just to sing the show. He was a really cool dude to meet and chill with for a few. This band really surprised me and I’m now a fan. They were originally named Gatekeeper but returned as Widowmaker and giving a flawless and amazing performance even with his hinderance of laryngitis. It goes to show the dedication and willpower that went into the vocals and performance as a whole.

Betraying The Martyrs:

Betraying The Martyrs are from Paris France and these guys rocked it and put on quite the performance. Crowd engaging and very energetically inclined. This band was aggressive and had some clear vocal delivery in the live environment. They really popped it off and were excited about being in Corpus Christi, Texas again. I really had no idea Paris could rock like this, I’m also now a fan of this phenomenal band. They performed many tracks off their new album “The Resilient” and some old tracks I wasn’t quite familiar with but i still enjoyed to the fullest.


Volumes had lots of water bottle spraying, crowd surfing and even a guest appearence by Joe Buras of Born Of Osiris for some back up vocals on stage, he even dove into the audience and crowd surfed back to the stage making this a pretty epic performance of new and old music.  Vocalist Gus Farias even jumped into the mix by crowd walking while Joe was on back up, he even broke out a super soaker and aimed it right into the drummers mouth. This was by far an epic show to say the least. I was lucky enough to meet up with Myke Terry after the show and chat a bit about the show with him quoting “I’m glad it went great because it just comes naturally to me, what you see is me just putting it all out there for you guys.” he ended with a hug and a fist bump.


Born Of Osiris:

This is the main event every one was waiting for, and every fan gathered close to the stage awaiting the suspense of Born Of Osiris’s arrival. The band entered with a light show and fog and they started right off intense. i was sweating pounds off from all the jumping and crowd interaction as fans were diving one by one into the crowd and screaming the words to the songs into the microphone. the sets were full of bass and crisp high-octane vocal delivery and that’s just to say the least. They played one hell of a show and definitely reigned on this stop in their tour. They ended the show with “Follow The Signs” as an encore which was truly epic, with full complete moshing and screaming fans, this was one to be remembered because the audience went absolutely crazy for it.

Overall, this show: The New Reign was phenomenal. This was my first concert to cover for New Transcedence and it broke me in well, being in the middle of a mosh-pit, getting soaked with water, and being throw into a speaker I think coming out alive able to tell the story is quite the experience. If The New Reign tour is coming to your area you should definitely check it out. Every band involved are all worth your time and if you are a fan already you will have quite a ride through every track performed.

Toney Emmons

New Transcendence

Journalist, Photographer