Concert Review — Shinedown/Starset w/Savage After Midnight


Date: April, 17th, 2018

Venue: Concrete Street Amphitheatre, Corpus Christi in TX, April, 17th, 2018

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Tour Package: Shinedown/Starset

Band Support: Savage After Midnight


Will Call:

I was granted a spot on Starset’s guestlist and my will call package had my Pit armband, Pit ticket and Media Pass. I was also approved for Shinedown’s photo pit. Concrete Street Amphitheatre was steadily filling up as I arrived.

Artist: Savage After Midnight


Upon hearing the band I found myself saying, “These guys are good” I ran into the guys shortly after their set. We began talking about things and it turns out we know the same people which lead to a network opportunity. Their set was a downright onslaught. Previously know as Empire City and later changed when signed to Sony. Needless to say, we are friends now. Drummer Zack of Savage After Midnight supplied me with a few photos since I wasn’t authorized to be in the pit during their set. Thanks Zack!


Artist: Starset

The dusk sky was setting in as Starset hit the stage. Dustin wearing his light visor as to add a theatrical entrance but quickly took it off. The bassist Ron DeChant and Guitarist Brock Richards were wearing white spacesuits with jetpacks (which actually worked) and staying stationary and Drummer Adam Gilbert was behind a screen with lights flashing as the stage is set segwaying into, “Satellite” after the suspense was built on their intro to the stage.

The night sky provided a waning crecent moon and the north star shining brightly against the the dark backdrop as Starset started playing the intro for, “Carnivore” which was an amazing song live.

Setlist included:

My Demons




But the crown jewel of the performance was, “Monster” because once that cello and violin did the first few strums the crowd went crazy. Starset has alot of theatrical slides and voice-overs and one echoed, ” If you can’t ask sceptical questions in puts us in line to be ran by tyranny..” during the middle of, “My Demons” which like the rest of the songs performed, had amazing lights and visualizations to accompany them.

Also, in a rare occurrence I was actually able to meet and take a quick photo with Leadman Dustin Bates, he just happen to be there walking backstage. He was a pleasure to meet and was really kind.

I was also able to meet the rest of the band with the merch signing but unfortunately no photos were allowed, but I was able to score the album, “Vessels” (signed), That nights setlist (signed) and my ticket (signed by Savage After Midnight and Starset)


Starset On Social Media




Artist: Shinedown

Shinedown burst onto the stage with “Sound Of Madness” with all the energy you’d expect of a band. Brent Smith was all over the stage and Drummer Barry Kerch was set in a centerpiece on the stage.

Zach Myers was wailing on his Louis Vuitton painted guitar and providing backup vocals, clearly focused on his performance. Shinedown also played, “If You Only Knew” with Zach carefully timing his guitar intro with Brent before he dropped in vocally.

Brent takes it down a moment to apologize for not being in Corpus Christi since 2012 and that seems to be their mistake for missing out on the incredible crowd.

Setlist included:


How Do You Love

Follow You Down

If You Only Knew

Cut the Cord


The Human Radio” was a song that Brent seemed in tuned with, he says it’s about the humanity and the human spirit, which is when they jammed the song not before realizing it wasn’t quite ”new” to the audience since it had came out a few days before the concert, but decided to jam it anyway to the cheering crowd.


Eric playing his heart out and providing backup vocals



Shinedown ended with their hit, “Devil” which had alot of lazer lights and stage energy with Brent jumping around and off the platform the drummer was stationed. The song ending in an explosion of pyro-technics and a thank you to Corpus Christi and a reminder of their album, “Attention! Attention!” out May, 4th!

Shinedown On Social Media



Overall, this Shinedown, Starset and Savage After Midnight was very enjoyable from Starset’s technical and futuristic presence to Shinedown’s crowd interaction and pyro-technics. Savage After Midnight made the crowd hype and delivered vocally and performance wise. I would recommend all three bands over and over. Don’t forget Shinedown’s album, “Attention! Attention!” Is due out May 4th! And Starset’s albums, “Transmissions” and “Vessels” are available now! Be on the lookout for Savage After Midnight newly signed to Sony!


There is a little more to this story. There was a particular person I met this night that is worthy of being in this review as well, his name is Jake. Jake is a cancer survivor of 19 years in remission. He came all this way to donate directly to the foundation that Shinedown sponsors and he was a part of, DC Strong. Jake donated 5,000$ to Shinedown for the foundation and even donated a beautiful guitar while meeting Shinedown.

Bassist Eric receiving the 5k check from Jake

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