Concert Review — Toadies and Local H — Brewster Street Ice House — Corpus Christi



Date: November, 11th, 2017

Venue: Brewster Street Ice House, Corpus Christi




Tour Package: Toadies and Local H


I arrive to find out Toadies and Local H have completely sold out the show. This is amazing, due to them being 10+ year old bands which I love. The place was packed and people were everywhere, buying merch and even a beer or two. I get my will call set and my passes arranged and cleared with the stage manager. I’m all set for the first three songs of Toadies performance. But until then…


Artist: Local H

First I want to say Scott Lucas has the same amount of energy as a 16 year old. This man was jumping and screaming and throwing his guitar around like you would not expect. He was fully into his performance and never slipped up once. I was fortunate to bump into him but was greeted with a huge smooch on the cheek. Surprise. What can I say he likes shock value. His Setlist included:

The crowd interaction was top notch. Crowd surfing to grabbing crazed fans hands and playing his guitar into the crowd. Scott Lucas hasn’t aged. He is a showman and he really sells it with energetic stage presence

Bassist Doni Blair lending a hand to Local H

The amount of range Scott Lucas sings is absolutely amazing. Drummer Ryan Harding is a great addition to Local H, he can play his heart out and give a performance as a drummer. Ryan is able to perfectly change the tempos and execute it with clarity. This is defined with performance of, “Fritz Corner” as multiple tempo changes occur and Scott’s distortion on the vocals were spot on. Local H shows no signs of slowing down.

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Official Video for “Bound For The Floor

Official Video for “Eddie Vedder”

Artist: Toadies

I was led to the stage and I was ready for Toadies. The first three songs were underway opening with, “I Come From The Water.”

I must say Tom Petty was honored this night. Toadies Clearly showing they were fans and executing the song, “Breakdown” excellently. He would have been proud.

Vaden says, “We will be doing some old stuff, new stuff and the in-between” this was to keep the performance fresh and not just covering nor rehashing their wider known songs from, “Rubberneck

Clark Fogler is an excellent guitarist. It is great to see someone texturally adding to every song. He was enjoying his performance. Clearly he was.

This band has not aged. Niether band has. Each track had just as much integrity as it did originally, from “I Come From The Water.” to “Tyler” and even the baited and switched song of notoriety, “Possum Kingdom”.¬†One thing I want to note here is the support each band gave each other. From¬†Mark Reznicek helping with back beats on “I Burn” to Doni Blair jumping on stage for theatrics and assisting some excellent Bass work for Local H on, “Bound For The Floor” it was amazingly done.

Toadies is a flair of The Pixes and Radiohead with a smidge of Texas mixed right in, this is the best way I could describe the Toadies. It was very fantastic to hear live. There is alot of depth to this performance and to both bands in general. It was an honor to cover this show. A studio recording doesn’t do any justice because seeing them in person is the way it should be.

The 90’s. This was a time that was fueled by slackers, drugs and economic turmoil. This time seemed to give birth some of the most amazing creativity and some of the most brilliant songs emerged out of the mists.

It’s good Local H and Toadies haven’t sold out. The epic end of, “Possum Kingdom” just summed up the 90’s in all the angsty glory it is, with a darker tone and of course catchy with some very dark lyrics.

The songs the two bands done together were:

Breakdown” and “I Put A Spell On You”


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Official Video for “Tyler

Official Video for “Away

The Crowd

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