Concert Review – Underoath – No Fix Tour

Date: May, 22nd, 2018

Venue: Concrete Street Amphitheatre, Corpus Christi, TX


Tour Package: No Fix Tour: Underoath w/

Dance Gavin Dance


Veil Of Maya





Bursting On Stage With Intensity

When I first heard about this show, I knew I had to be a part of it, something rumbled in my past that whispered in my mind. I remember back when I watched the channel Fuse when I got out of school, just waiting in anticipation for a Underoath video to play. Now, here was my chance to see them up close.

I arrived and got my will call settled and I had my ticket and press pass:


Underoath came to the stage with intensity and energy, choosing to start of with, “On My Teeth” their first single off the new album, “Erase Me” which is available now! The visualization in the background depicting a swirling yellowish-green pattern color scheme of the album and lights flashing everywhere. Leadman Spencer Chamberlain bouncing around and making the band’s entrance spectacular.

Underoath threw out a old school song next, “It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door” which really was spot on and Spencer’s crowd interaction on this was great, because the crowd erupted in unison belting out the lyrics.

Underoath went on with, “Rapture” which still had the same key parts to it just like the album delivers it. The live performance still kept the ”throat-shredding screams, it’s a straight-ahead hard rock anthem for the album.” I spoke on in my review a few weeks ago.

Let’s Make A Deal

Underoath’s Leadman Spencer Chamberlain addresses the crowd and makes a deal that they will play two new songs, “It Has To Start Somewhere” and “No Frame” and for the old song, “Reinventing Your Exit” and as it turns out all three songs, new and old, were flawlessly executed and we’re energetic and had a theatrical performance with the visuals on the screen behind the band. “No Frame” really stuck out because not only was it dead-on to the album cut, the theatrics and jumping around on stage really sold me on their set.

Corpus Christi’s Hospitality

The Corpus Christi local rock station Rock 92.7, had Underoath in the studio to acoustically perform “Rapture” and even Whataburger Field welcomed Underoath to Texas with open arms and Spencer mentions getting in the batting cage, which he had never done. It was cool of my town of Corpus to be pleasant ambassadors to the band.

The next tracks they stunned the crowd with were, “Reinventing Your Exit” and “Paper Lung” carrying such solemn and tranquil vocals and slightly haunting ending the show of with what was seemingly the last song, “A Boy Brushed Black And White” with Spencer and Aaron’s vocals really hitting and carrying over the crowd. Spencer belting out “Don’t shake. I hate to see you tremble!” And there’s nothing like experiencing that with a band like Underoath, then a fade to black, with the crowd chanting, “One More Song!, One More Song!” Until Spencer and the rest of the guys walk back out on stage. Spencer tells a heartfelt story of being addicted and how cars, and money and girls don’t mean anything, and how if you are in trouble with drugs, alcohol, or any other kind of addiction, it doesn’t make you weak to ask for help. He continues by showing love to the bands performing, the his band mates and finally the crowd.

Encore: Another Deal With The Crowd

The band’s sound has anything but faded, But I was still waiting on the track, “Writing On The Walls” and surely they would play it right? It really didn’t seem likely, but I waiting in anticipation. Spencer returns to the stage and offers another deal, one new song for one old song, “Two songs for the price of one” he says, and the crowd is in agreement with the proposal. He tells his story of addiction and how much he is appreciative for the support the band and team have and he dedicates, “Bloodlust” to the crowd as his first encore selection.

Bloodlust” was a personal track to Spencer as he was in a dark depressing place when he wrote it and couldn’t understand that he was considering taking his own life. Underoath really sang with emotion and conviction in the live performance of this track. The song is being performed with a gladiator and blood work and splatter DNA visualization in the background.

Now for the old song, could it be? Yes! Finally was the last song: “Writing On The Walls” it had full throttle attack intro and energy. Nothing is better than Spencer belting out, “We walk alone…” Aaron’s backing vocals adds the solidity of the song, it left me satisfied and fulfilled with my experience. Spencer got everyone waving their hands on the bridge. Then stuck it to the end and worth the last belting out of the last few lyrics ending their set!

Overall, in just visualizations and performance energy, it was top-notch and the band really has a togetherness about them. The band Underoath are humble and in tune with their emotional states which come out beautifully in their lyrics. The whole set was solid and provided a perfect mix of new and old songs, catering to both sides of new and old fans and quick backstories that help you put together how they put it to paper constructively. Their new album is edgy but it’s real, “Erase Me” is available now!

Official Video for, “Rapture”

Official Video for, “On My Teeth”

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