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The Contortionist – Language

I am warning you now, this CD is not what you expected. This is true from a good standpoint and a bad standpoint. The Contortionist are back with another one, and this one I will say is the music you want to listen to. It is the music to obviously chill and fall asleep to. I do not mean to stab at their new creative outlet, but in all honesty, the last CD this band produced that was actually remotely good was Exoplanet. Yes I do agree bands should mature and explore new outlets, but coming from a non-avid Contortionist fan, I was not pleased with what I heard. If you want progressive chillax music, Language is for you.

The band has actually been coined prog-titans, sharing their glory with certain earlier bands our parents grew up with. Bands such as Rush, King Crimson, and Yes. I will agree this CD is not horrible from that stand point, but if you are wanting the old Contortionist, look elsewhere. This CD weighing in at a whopping 50 minutes long with tracks ranging from 2 and a half minutes to almost 8 minutes in length, this is purely a progressive CD. I find myself drifting in and out of it the adventurous cosmos that this band is definitely putting forth. Language is conquering the self-realization and mind trip of a CD that composes both of balance and concept.

Language is surely going to cause an uproar with the people who loved The Contortionist for their edgy and monstrous lows, which are sprinkled in this CD, but you have to dig deep. At times I would say I never knew when a track would end, and another would begin. Transition was perfectly achieved with each track, never letting up from the calm monotony that The Contortionist is proving. You can hate my review or agree with me. You do not have to agree fully with me, but once again. This is a progressive trial for this band, people may love or hate it. I hate it. I am sorry to be that blunt, but it is how I feel coming from their older material. Bands mature and get better, others find other outlets to express themselves. Let them do that.


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By Squ1DDoS