Dark Avenue Release: “Break Down The Walls”

Dallas, TX – Modern hard rock/alt metal band Dark Avenue has released their latest single “Break Down The Walls” from their album ‘Reality’, available now. With their melodic vocals in time with rhythms of their solid guitar work, Dark Avenue continues to create the unique sound that illuminated the essence of Texan hard rock. “Break Down The Walls” demonstrates to all listeners new and old that Dark Avenue will continue to tear down all the barriers and lay down their own foundations into the alternative-metal scene from Dallas to across the Nation.
Take a listen to their current single “Break Down The Walls”.

DARK AVENUE is a modern, hard rock/alternative metal band hailing from the super vibrant Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas music scene. Powerful melodic vocals, tight pounding rhythms, solid thick guitar work, and ethereal electronics make a mystical combination and it’s no surprise Dark Avenue has risen as a top tier emerging artist. Launching in 2014, Dark Avenue, made quick work of getting noticed. Landing an artist development deal within their first year together lead to the critically acclaimed release of their first full length album Illusions, all the while bringing high energy shows to every stage they’ve played. “Their music is often described as an uncontrollable flame and I’d have to agree.” – Mark Bryson, The Hook