DAWN OF ASHES Takes on the Depths of Darkness with New Single, “The Despondent Hole”!

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Los Angeles based Industrial Metal band DAWN OF ASHES has released “The Despondent Hole,” the newest single off of their upcoming LP, Scars Of The Broken. Reflecting on the darkest experiences of severe depression, “The Despondent Hole” is more than a simple song, but an assertation of the overwhelming, all-encompassing struggle that sufferers face.


“’The Despondent Hole’ takes you down into a place where depression rules your life. People who struggle with depression feel that others don’t understand how it feels to be depressed, and this disorder is like a disease that is hard to cure. Feeling trapped and alone is a hard experience to face in life. Understand that you’re not alone and you can pull yourself out of this hole.” – Kristof Bathory

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Scars Of the Broken has been one of the most emotionally difficult albums that I have ever created. All of the musical and lyrical content was straight from a place that I have been dealing with for a long time of my life. I poured out every darkest and deepest emotion into every song. Mental health is something that a lot of people struggle with and sometimes it just needs to be heard through music. I hope this album helps those that are struggling.”


Track List:
1. (Descending) Torn Inside
2. Love is Asphyxiation
3. The Despondent Hole
5. Bane of Your Existence
6. (Limbo) Numb
7. It Comes in Waves
8. Heart Beats Cold
9. Turn It Shallow
10. Scars of the Broken
11. The Antidote
12. (Ascending) Catharsis

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Los Angeles, CA-based DAWN OF ASHES – whose very name brings to mind “the beginning of the end” – has broken ground across multiple genres, from aggrotech/terror EBM to industrial black metal, producing a unique hybrid of dark electro and industrial-metal styles since 2001.



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