Review: One Days Notice – When Dinosaurs Get Drunk

AODNrtist: One Days Notice
Album: When Dinosaurs Get Drunk
1. Ha Ha
2. Liar
3. Coming Home
4. Bye Bye Crazy
5. Gotta Get Away
6. Little Things
7. Finish What I Started
9. She Never Stops
10. Call The Cops
11. Girls (… Are All The Same)
12. Time Won’t Stand Still

Kicking off with an energetic guitar riff, followed by a pounding bassline, chanting group vocals and chugging power chords, the opening track hits the listener with a daring punk rock anthem. This sets the stage for “When Dinosaurs Get Drunk”, the first full length album from One Days Notice. Reminiscent of bands like Blink-182 and Sum 41, these Ohio rockers launch a barrage of upbeat songs at their listeners. A majority of the tracks are fast, catchy punk rock, with a few slower songs to change up the pace.

One of these slower tracks, “Coming Home”, is a soulful rock ballad that speaks of being on the road. For anyone who has had to travel, leaving friends and family behind, this struggle hits close to home. It’s easy to identify with the lyrics, and adds a touch of emotion that contrasts nicely with the punk rock attitude of the other songs.

The standout track in this lineup is “Calling the Cops”, a song that paints a romantic image of running the town for a night. It takes a break from the driving punk rock anthems, and glorifies the carefree summer nights of causing trouble and loving every moment. It’s a party song , with a loving look at the past.

One Days Notice closes the album with “Time Won’t Stand Still”. It’s a fitting title for a song that speaks against wasted time and advocates making the best use of time. As the song brings the record to a close, it brandishes a hopeful outlook for the future. “When Dinosaurs Get Drunk” basks in the glow of it’s memorable punk rock jams, and shines through with a few well-placed ballads. Lyrically, this album is a collective message of spending time with friends and taking advantage of every second. Musically? It’s just a lot of fun.