Dead Eyes Brings Awareness to Substance Abuse with New Single

We’ve had our eye on Pennsylvania’s Dead Eyes since their formation last year and, suffice it to say, we’ve been nothing less than blown away by everything they’ve done. Their debut music video for “American Nightmare” was released just 2 months ago and has racked up 32k+ views. Now, with their newest single they’ve decided to call attention to a very serious issue: substance abuse. Their new single, “Hallucinating” follows up it’s predecessor perfectly and it’s infectious chorus will find itself weaved into your brain matter before your even done with the first listen. Guitarist Alex “ABoltz” Bolton had the following to say about the track:

Hallucinating was written from the perspective of someone struggling with drug addiction. No matter how hard they try to let it go, it always pulls them back under. We wanted to bring light to this topic and let anyone who is struggling with it know that they are not alone. Hallucinating was originally written at Bloodstone Studios in North Carolina with Rob Endling and Curt Martin. We began production of our EP at Atrium Audio late 2016 and Hallucinating felt like the perfect follow up to our debut song “American Nightmare.” The EP is expected to be released late Spring of 2017.

Check out the official 360° lyric video for “Hallucinating,” (created by Adam Serrano of Ink Fiend Images) below and be sure to share it! Keep your eye on these guys because this is only the beginning… and the path they’re leading says the sky’s the limit!

Dead Eyes are:
Alex Runk – Vocals
Alex Bolton – Guitar
Bryan Merriman – Guitar
Eric Rembecki – Bass
Tanner Feathers – Drums

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