Death Eater To Drop New Single ‘Save Me From Myself’

Artist: Death Eater
Album: Enigma

Amidst this quarantine and everything negative going on in the world in current events, we get some positivity, something to really..Save me from myself.. Writing reviews for bands like Death Eater. A band that is ready to take over our scene with their upcoming material. Save Me From Myself is just as promising as Death Eater‘s November 2019 album release The Game Of Life | The Gift of Death.

Save Me From Myself is the upcoming single From Blackened/Djent Deathcore suit Death Eater, and it is QUITE the banger. Not straying too far from their current sound, If the rest of this album (Enigma) is anything like Save Me From Myself, then I’d say they’ve really done one up on their previous album, MAYBE even putting it to shame. This single brings that ominous, chuggy Djent sound we already fell in love with from this band, absolute crushing vocals that force a consistent “stank face” that’ll last so long your face muscles will get sore, and you may even lose a tooth or two on some of those chuggy breakdowns. (You’ve been warned!) If you are a fan of Death Eater‘s earlier album you’ll definitely be a fan of what they have in store, coming out of the gates yet again with such a banger, ready to tear your face off. I mean, what a way to debut an album. I was thoroughly excited to have the chance to listen to the single early, which will be coming off their next album, Enigma, release date still to be announced. But you’ll have plenty of time to jam Save Me From Myself and The Game Of Life | The Gift of Death album. Get Yourself pumped up and ready because Save Me From Myself is definitely going to be a track you’ll want to add to your playlist!

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Death EaterSave Me From Myself, out Thursday, April 2nd!

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