Death Metal Newcomers Abortion Survivor Release Their New Song – “EATR”

Dark and realistic topics are nothing new in the world of Metal. Some bands just aren’t afraid to tackle the gruesome reality of our world and this stands true with the up and coming Death Metal act Abortion Survivor – the 5-piece outfit is from Philadelphia, PA. Their new track, ‘EATR‘, is an energy driven track showcasing the bands aggressive take on their Death Metal homage. Abortion Survivor consists of punishing, old style death metal vocals done very well – hard hitting instrumentals with those riffs we all love so dearly. The band has worked hard to bring their music to life and has strived to do so ever since conception. ‘EATR’ premiered today through Worldwide Metal!

FFO: GWAR, Cannibal Corpse, and Lamb of God!



Jam “EATR” below to get a taste of armageddon!: