DeathMountainDew Interviews Shimon Moore of Screaming At Demons

Hi, my name is DeathMountainDew. I had the amazing opportunity to submit some questions to Shimon Moore (ex-Sick Puppies) about the phenomenal new campaign he’s a huge supporter of called Homeless Rockstars! Check it out and, after the interview, you’ll be able to catch the video for their debut single, “Rockstar!”


DeathMountainDew: Your new band is called Screaming At Demons. Is there any specific meaning behind the name or was it just something random?

Shimon: It was what I called my first Solo show after the Puppies split. I named it after a friend of mine designed some artwork of me Screaming down at this black and white demonic looking character.

DMD: How did you get in contact with Chris and Russell? Were they old friends of yours? Who approached who with the idea of starting the band?

Shimon: It was actually my Idea to start a band. But met Russell many years before when I first moved to LA. The first night we met Russell said “We are going to do something one day. I can feel it”. Once the puppies split he was the only one I wanted to work with. Chris is the newest edition and is vital now to the success of the band.

DMD: So what has it been like working with your new band?

Shimon: It’s fantastic! I think this is the first time for all of us when we feel like we are finally working with people on the same level. Who all speak the same language.

DMD: Have you guys been in the studio yet or is your new song the only thing you’ve guys recorded yet?

Shimon: The new song we released as quick as we could to help Homeless Rockstars. We are still working in the studio now on the next round of songs that will become either and EP or a full album eventually. But our primary focus is to get the next single out after this song has done it’s work and show people the next sound.

DMD: What kind of sound can we expect to hear from your new band? Will it be something calm, something aggressive, or maybe a mix of the two?

Shimon: It’s an anthem sound. Rockstar is a good opening for the band and a great song for the Homeless Rockstars cause to raise money to help them. But the next batch of songs will be even more anthemic and universal. So far they have had a great reaction in our private circles and are have a bit of U2, 30 Seconds to Mars vibe 🙂

DMD: Is there a set timetable for the band’s debut record?

Shimon: Nope. Kind of playing it by ear. The beauty of being independent.

DMD: You’re very familiar with working with positive campaigns, most notably the “Free Hugs” campaign a few years back. So tell us about the “Homeless Rockstar” campaign, what it’s overall goal is and why you feel so strongly about it.

Shimon: Homeless Rockstars is a movement that was started by my old friend Nigel Skeet. He has developed a program that gives the homeless hair, make up and a photo shoot that makes them feel like a “ROCKSTAR”. After they have gone through this simple process they’re confidence is restored and they are connected with members of the community who then give them a Rockstar “INNERVIEW” which is specifically designed to extract they’re humanity and they’re aspirations. The final piece of the puzzle has a way of taking care of itself. After this process is complete, members of the community are helping the homeless onto the next phase of they’re life and welcoming them back into society. It’s Beautiful to watch, and you will see it in the “ROCKSTAR” video.

DMD: What can you tell us about the song “Rockstar” that’s being used with the campaign?

Shimon: It’s a quick up tempo Rock song that hits hard and symbolizes everything the Homeless Rockstars stand for.

DMD: Is there anything else we can expect from the band moving forward outside of a new album and this amazing campaign?

Shimon: Yea, keep your eyes and ears on

Everything will be up there as we find out.

DMD: Thank you for your time and allowing me to discuss all this information with you. Anything you wanna say to the fans before we wrap this up?

Shimon: Thank you for your help spreading the good word! 🙂

Check out the video for “Rockstar” below and head over to this link to donate to this amazing cause and get your own copy of “Rockstar” to jam wherever you go!