Decayer Sends Shock Waves Through The Scene With Their New Album – ‘End Note’

The Arizona Deathcore heavyweights, Decayer, have yet again left shock and awe in all of our ears. Today , May 24th, is the release of Decayer’s debut full length album, ‘End Note‘! Released through We Are Triumphant — ‘End Note‘ is an 11 track album that packs some heavy punch. The album tackles hardships of life lyrically – all the while playing home base to their rooted sound. The album builds off the already established sound Decayer has forged for themselves. Playing cards with beautifully well written instrumentals, and insane, diverse vocals. The Arizona outfit has gained a huge amount of momentum over the course of the last few years. One of our editors, Connor, did a full review of ‘End Note‘ – Check it out HERE

End Note‘ is the bands first full length CD, however, the band has two previously released EPs! ‘End Note’ is available worldwide right now! In both digital and physical formats.

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1. Face Value

‪2. Finding Purpose

‪3. Isolation

‪4. A Father’s Aggression ft. Carl Schwartz ‬

‪5. Nine Years

‪6. The Cycle Ends ‬

7. The Agony Continues

‪8. Acid Teeth

‪9. Death Rattle ‬

‪10. Abuse Victim ft. Cody Harmon

‪11. End Note