Deserters – Try To Feel – 2013










God Feels Nothing
The Feeling
How To Brand A Soul
No Choice But Suffering
The Pawn

If you are tired of all the lame medicore bands that are slowly starting to plague the Internet, and radio waves, then look no further than Deserters.  This EP has a message and a lot of meaning behind it.  Though it is an EP, the length of the emotion is felt all throughout.  This band took me awhile to get into.  I am your typical deathcore whore and it takes a band that really has a lot of soul and creation towards their music, to get me to listen to them, compared to the drivel I so love to indulge in.  Deserters is a band many know in the underground hardcore genre, but their sound is allowing them to expand their grasp on new and upcoming genres.  Band’s such as Kingmaker, Barrier and the recently released The Plot In You, are showing people what bands who actually care about their thoughts can do, compared to those of the what the listener wants will do.  A fan of this band could have listened to their prior release and not realized a band such as Deserters has such stamina to come out with a fresh EP that will at times leave you in tears.

The premise of this EP is foresight, beliefs, acknowledgement and of course emotion.  Each song has a build up to the next.  You can certainly feel the type of sensation that each one will bring you.  Though Deserters is classified as a melodic hardcore band, don’t let that fool you.  Certain songs such as “The Feeling” shows you Deserts can be really fucking heavy and angry, whilst also letting you feel the anger pour from inside of you.  There is never a dull moment of drudgery from listening to this EP, I will have to say.  It took me awhile to get into it, it’s not my usual cup of tea, but once I set my thoughts aside about listening to a “melodic hardcore” band, I was sold.  The songs also play on the same schema that certain bands like Gift Giver and Left Behind use for the structure of their songs.  I am certainly not comparing these two bands, but the animosity those bands hone are both anger as well as perfecting emotion through the endeavors that stress us.

As the EP weighs in just under 20 minutes, you will be beside yourself upon the completion of “Try To Feel”   A quick track run down of the EP.  Want entices you to feel what it is like to become absolute in happiness and fruition, but using possessions as a crutch to help us along.  God Feels Nothing is pure and felt all throughout the track about the hypocrisy if you may about our true being and what he feels, if anything towards our existence.   The remainder of the EP shows how Deserters is a truly devotional band within their music.  How To Brand A Soul is the perfect example of the typical person who wants to be reunited with happiness, with listening to the pain and heartache others have to go through.  Your pain makes me feel better about how great my life is.  No Choice But Suffering is blatant and fully known.  This track is the pure idea and concept that animosity is presumed to be a feeling, rather than a state of mind.  The Pawn, this is the last and outro if you would to “Try To Feel” Clocking in a 5:19 it’s a great build up to the ending of the EP.  The most gratuitous idea of how a person can be played and never suspect it.  They will deny and never accept the fate that you placed in their hands.

In the end I will have to say, if you are tired of everything that is plaguing our airwaves and Internet sites, and want a breath of fresh air from the idealistic ideas that fans are what create the band as far as sound.  Deserters does not fuck around with the ideals they need to suffice to the people rather than their music.  True hardcore emotional treachery mixed with some lovely breakdowns of course make this an EP worth spinning over and over, while crying a little because in the end we have all be deserted.

Rating 9.2 out of 10


For Fans of Barrier, Kingmaker, Gift Giver