In Dying Arms lost control of their van, Reaches out to fans for help.


Unfortunate events struck In Dying Arms on their tour to support their new album “Original Sin” According to the band’s Facebook. They’re currently stranded in Erie, PA. In Dying Arms reportedly heading to a near-by Walmart to crash for the night when they lost control and slammed into a pole. This statement is found on their Gofundme page

Early this morning we were pulling into Wal-Mart to crash for the rest of the night, when our worst nightmare happened. Completely lose control and smack directly into a pole. We are in Erie, PA where it is currently sleeting. Just completed our first week of tour and released a new record. Still in shock this would happen of all times. The towing company charged us 150$ and we barely have 300 more dollars to our names. We are out here stranded, no place to stay, no transportation, absolutely nothing. We are asking for help so we can at least rent a vehicle and get this repaired while we are out. 

We are currently sitting around in a McDonalds, trying to figure out what to do. Please IDA fans, help us.

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“Original Sin” is available now on iTunes