Emerging from the Shadows: Dear Future Self

It’s 2017 and bands like Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!Abandoned By Bears, etc exist to bring light to how wonderfully the genres of pop-punk, post-hardcore and traditional metalcore can blend together. While there are a ton of bands who have come up in the wake of this sound, it’s clear that they’ve borrowed a bit more than they bargained for, making them all sound the same. However, when it comes to bands like south Florida’s Dear Future Self, they’ve got it down to an art and with the release of their debut EP, In Time’s Wake, they’re poised to prove it.

My introduction to this band came in the form of their single, “Hyper Beam.” The opening riff will find itself stuck in your head, it has hooks for days and the transitions between genres are near-flawless. Obii, the band’s vocalist, has a great range to his clean vocals, but the listener will find themselves surprised to hear that he also has a very refined scream/growl mixture. What’s more is that the musical aspect doesn’t sound like a series of over-recycled riffs/melodies, which seem to oversaturate music on this side of the spectrum. Rather, each tune is obviously carefully crafted, creating more than just a “one-time” listening experience.

As I tend to do, I decided to dig further back into their career, to their first single “Lifeline.” As would be expected with a debut release, there are some hiccups, here and there, but the overall sound that they were going for is heavily embedded in each aspect of this track, showing that they had a clear direction from the beginning.

The band is currently working on the follow-up to In Time’s Wake, has signed to Word Is Bond Management and you can expect much more to come from them, sooner than later. Until then, be sure to drop them some follows on their social media channels, pick up your own, personal copy of In Time’s Wake and spread this article. While they’ve been stuck in the shadows for awhile, it won’t be long until the spotlight hits them, and rightfully so!

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Dear Future Self is:

Obii- Vocals
Brian Kennedy- Guitar/Vocals
Grace Torres- Bass
Georgos Karamanus-Guitar
Gio Vahni- Drums