Emerging From the Shadows: NERVE ZERO

Metal has become so diluted, so tasteless over the years. Don’t get me wrong, I love these new, catchy hooks as much as the next guy but where is the raw aggression, the mass amounts of power on all fronts. That’s why, when my friend Sinned Cristina suggested me South Africa’s Nerve Zero, I was pleasantly surprised. Their bio states that they’ve gone through an incredible amount of line-up changes but that they’re all seasoned vets in their field. That becomes apparent from the moment you begin listening to them. One of the most impressive things about the band is that they have a female lead (Kim King) who could rival some of the best death metal vocalists in the game. She makes Angela Gossow (ex-Arch Enemy) look like an amateur by comparison.  We’re proud to have them as our very first segment of Emerging from the Shadows and we hope you’ll give them a shot by checking out their debut music video for “Til Death,” filmed and edited by Snapback Photography below.

Dave “Laddus” Richman – Bass
Alex Temperley – Drums
Kevin Kirkland – Lead Guitar
Sean Bronze Young – Guitar
Kim King – Vocals

Official Website | Facebook