EP Review Gabriel and the Apocalypse ‘Alpha Transcendence’

Review of Gabriel and the Apocalypse’s Alpha Transcendence
By Octavio Ramos Jr.

Minnesota’s Gabriel and the Apocalypse continues to explore the further regions of experience, melding the funky grooves of dance, the hypnotic trances of industrial, the icy vibes crafted by heavy metal, and the straightforward tenors of hard rock. Yeah, it’s an eclectic mix, but it sure
as hell works.
A five-track EP, Alpha Apocalypse is a remix edition, tapping into the band’s compositions (the bulk taken from 2019’s Alpha Bionic), as well as a cover and an acoustic remix.
The EP kicks off with Rich “Stitch” Thomas’ (Mushroomhead/Ventana) remix of the band’s “Systematic Chaos (Burn it Down Remix),” and immediately the catchy vibes of industrial blend with facets of metal sure to get the blood pumping. Figgles McGee stands out on this one, with
a combo of foot-stomping synths and samples complemented by drummer Zach Williams’ chest-thumping background kicks. This song originally appeared on Alpha Bionic. Next up is a remix of “pointTHREE (Timelines Remix),” a grinding composition that ponders along, overseen by the luscious vocals of Lindy Gabriel. The synths reign supreme here, with low-end machinery churning as the subtle bass of Jake LaCore and guitar rhythms of Joey
Connelly fills out the song. This song originally appeared on Alpha Bionic.
“Electro-Mechanical (Up and Down Remix),” as the title hints at, starts off with some robotic voices, followed by a minimalist canvas anchored by Gabriel’s vocals and the hypnotic trance pulses courtesy of McGee. This song originally appeared on Alpha Bionic. “Beds are Burning” is a cover from Midnight Oil, given a mix from Sin Quirin (Ministry and 3-Headed Snake), with a 1980s retro vibe augmented by some nice drumming, effective synths, and understated guitars that make for an ideal dance in some murky club.
Closing out the EP is an acoustic remix of “Bleed Me an Ocean,” a straightforward track with some beautiful acoustic guitars and an emotional interpretation by Gabriel. This track also originally appeared on Alpha Bionic.
Fans of the band will be sure to pick this one up, but those who haven’t delved into the world of Gabriel and the Apocalypse and have a toe into the realm of dance, industrial, and experimental metal should also check out Alpha Transcendence. You will move, guaranteed.