EP Review – Stew – HOT

Artist : STEW

Album: ‘HOT’

By: Leanna Jackson

There is something truly incredible about being able to hear the excitement and the heart an artist pours into their music. Sure, it is easy to recognise and see when the artist is on stage – seeing them thrash around; flip the drumsticks in between beats; watch the fingers flash up and down the necks of the guitars and bass; your eyes widen in awe as the vocalist trusts themselves with the audience to catch them as they stag dive.

What is truly incredible is when you can witness the same type of excitement and heart when you simply press ‘play’ on an album and the music flows through your speakers.

Swedish rock trio, STEW, has recently released their new EP, Hot, which entices just that. In simply four tracks, right under the twenty-minute mark, STEW has managed to create a truly awesome experience.

The guitar work is as phenomenal Jimi Hendrix, where Nicklas Jansson has managed to conduct his fingers and pick as if he had taken a piece of his soul and mixed it together into the riffs and chords throughout each song. It is inspiring to hear.

Bassist and singer, Markus Åsland has a voice that is not afraid to be heard. He perfectly matches Jansson’s guitar work along with Dahlgreen’s drumming in a way that only the most passionate vocalists can match. As the EP plays along, one cannot help but shut their eyes and envision the thrill it must be to witness Åsland throwing his all into the microphone. And don’t forget his bass, which flows effortlessly into Nicklas Dahlgreen’s drum work.

There is no doubt that Dahlgreen has rhythm. Across each breakdown in the individual tracks, he creates a beat that will have you tapping your foot and humming throughout the day. With each strike of his drumstick against the symbols and his foot beating on the pedal, Dahlgreen is an absolute jam!
With a classic 70’s rock and blues-rock blend, STEW has meshed together a complete work of art. After listening to Hot, you will be rolling the windows down and blaring this EP as the wind blows through your hair, driving in the middle of the desert with your sunglasses on in no time. 

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