EP – We, The Reflection: REVIEW

Band: We, The Reflection (Facebook)
Album: 2011 EP
Rating: 4/5

1. Hope(s)

2. Reflection(s)
3. Ambition(s)
4. Departure(s)
You don’t hear very many good metalcore bands out there anymore, so when I was approached with the opportunity to review Wallingford, CT’s We, The Reflection’s new EP, I was highly hopeful. Not for nothing, this band brings something to the table that has been missing in metalcore for a good while now. What’s that, you may ask? Originality, great clean vocals without auto-tune, and an overall raw sound! While being one of the roughest EP’s I’ve ever reviewed, it’s also one of the best I’ve listened to all year. Get ready, because this band is going to be a household name if they keep things up the way they are. The best part of it all being that they do it ALL for the fans. The money isn’t a big deal to them and, as you have read in past reviews, that makes me respect bands tons more. Ready for this? Then read on, guys.
What do you think of when you hear the term “metalcore”? My guess is that you think of boring open-notes, breakdowns, and a shitload of auto-tune right? Well when I think metalcore, I think of bands such as A Static Lullaby and The Agony Scene, way back before any of that started. That’s why this band threw me for a loop when I threw on their EP and immediately was impressed. There’s so much lack of creativity these days in metalcore! It’s great to see a band who are willing to give it their all for the fans and create the type of sound that TRUE metalcore fans have missed for the past few years. This band destroys that stereotype and reshapes the genre into what it once was. I suggest picking up this EP or going to see these guys at a show because you will not be disappointed.
This will be the first EP I will not do key tracks for because, bottom line is: All of the tracks are amazing. I was highly impressed by this band from the first listen on their Facebook to getting the EP for review. Definitely give it a listen guys!
Final Thoughts:
In a world where money is king and lack of creativity is running rampant, We, The Reflection break through and truly shine. This is what I like to hear in a metalcore EP or album for that matter. Definitely go give them a like on Facebook and talk to them, they’ll be household names before you know it!


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