Eternal Void release new song and announce upcoming album!

Dayton, Ohio based metalcore outfit Eternal Void has been working on new music, and they finally gave us a taste of what’s to come with their new song “Crippling Thing”. The new song is a strong step up for the band, and even their older material I would consider top quality metalcore. The new song introduces us to the next chapter for the band. Eternal Void made their debut with their 2018 album “Catharsis” and found success in their local scene and some beyond. Eternal Void displays a musical formula of groove, melody, and heavy hitting verses. Eternal Void has also just revealed the album art for their upcoming full length album “Serenity in the Black”. The upcoming record is due for a March 26th, 2021 release. You can pre-order here. Crippling Thing is a fantastic display of evolution from their older material to evolve with the music and times.

1. Crippling Thing
2. Kin
3. Despondent (ft. Courtney LaPlante)
4. Enemy (ft. Andrew Patterson)
5. Serenity in the Black
6. Solipsist
7. Suffering as a Contest
8. Catching Rain
9. Willow
10. I Hope You Know