REVIEW: Imperium – “Sacramentum” – 2012


Artist:  Imperium [Facebook]

Album:  “Sacramentum”


  1. Mundus Cereris
  2. Eternal Imperium
  3. Legion of Gemini
  4. Final Sacramentum
  5. Birth of Corruption
  6. Severed Dictator
  7. Clades Variana
  8. The Great Apotheosis
  9. The Blackest Forest

Rising from Bristol and annihilating all who stand in their way, Imperium are a band of the United Kingdom that shows that death metal is far from gone.  This perfect assault of brutality and unforgiving anger that goes by the name “Sacramentum” is an album to be feared!  These men, from the sound of things, have brought everything to the table, maybe even a few weapons.  This band unleashes an unrelenting wave of pure “brutality”; no, these men define brutality, and this album is their birthright!  Please, enjoy my review of the insanity that is Imperium’s “Sacramentum.”

Sure, I heard a few songs here and there beforehand from a friend of mine, and all I could really think was of how reminded I was of bands such as Thy Art Is Murder and Whitechapel, but once I took a real listen… I mean a real, in depth listen, I couldn’t even think of a single other band.  This band brings everything, not holding back a single bit.  I don’t think I’ve heard actual death metal this good, or even this well produced, in a long while.  Sure, there have been some good deathcore releases, especially in two thousand twelve, but this album takes the cake – then smashes it.  Not to be topped by anyone, Imperium shows the world what death metal should be.  Kids, if you want to start a death metal band, look into Imperium.  This is a prime example of what you should be doing.  The aural assault of the drums, constantly baring down upon you in a brutal onslaught of rage, barely taking time to slow down; the chugging of the guitar, heavy enough to bring even the veterans of headbanging to their knees, though switching quickly into very technical and obviously skillful picking and playing; the ravenous screams and growls, blowing the listener away.  This isn’t a band to be taken lightly or to be joked around about, this is a band that sound like it’s been around for ages, and to no surprise seeing as how one member is from Trigger the Bloodshed and another from The Bridal Procession.  This album just seems to be so…  How do I put it?  It just seems as if it were meant to be, it’s a perfect album, all-around.  The only way I can put it, as I’ve repeated here several times, I know, is that this is just an unrelenting assault of brutality, in the best way.  They coax you in with the intro, “Mundus Cereris,” presenting an acoustic and well played guitar peace; it sucks you in, taking control of you and forcing you to delve deeper, then puts you on full blast with the onslaught that is “Eternal Imperium.”  This isn’t an album that stops to give you a break, this is an album that throws everything at you that you want from death metal, stuff that death metal has been missing.  Death metal these days is so full of gimmicks, as well as most music anymore; that isn’t Imperium.  Imperium:  no bull, no gimmicks.  Just music.  This album is neither for those weak of heart or those without an ear for talent; this album is pure musical genius, and should be picked up by any with an open mind or a taste for skill.

Stand-Out Track:

“The Blackest Forest”:  The “stand-out track” title was almost given to “The Great Apotheosis,” the track just before this, for it’s astounding brutality; it was absolutely unrelenting, mad and so satisfyingly evil.  Then, silence fell, and I was met with a slow and sure banging of drums and playing of horns, completely unsure of what might soon be coming, and…  Then it hit!  The mad drumming and the sick guitar playing, the breakdown I’ve been waiting for!  It was so beautifully dark, and then, once again, silence.  Breaking the silence, again, was now Steve Garner’s demonic voice, ripping that once peaceful silence in two and beginning the absolutely head-destroyingly brutal madness that is “The Black Forest.”  Of course, this is a truly brutal album and is full of exemplary skill, but this song took me for a full ride and refused to let me off; we, in this one song, went from true death metal to a turn, a turn a didn’t expect and a turn I didn’t know I like:  This album went down a road called “deathcore” with this song, and didn’t upset me one bit.  I didn’t even imagine this coming, but when it hit, I can honestly say I had no complaints.  This rampage of sounds isn’t exactly the best example of what to expect from the album, but it is a prime example of what to expect from the band:  Brutality.


The word I’ve used the most here, honestly, is brutal.  I’m sure many of you who might be reading this are probably bothered by my constant repetition of it, but the thing is that I can’t help but use the word over-and-over-again, it’s the only word befitting of such an album!  This mad whirlwind of power and music takes the listener for a loop; it takes a hold of the listener and rattles them all throughout their listening experience, but it’s such beautiful torture that this band unfolds before the listener, and is definitely a must have for any lover of shredding, brutality and both death metal and deathcore alike.  This album released on November 20th, 2012 and can be purchased on iTunes, and I encourage you to give it at least a listen, if not a full purchase.  This is a need, not a want.

Rating:  5/5