REVIEW: Odessa – “Carry the Weight” (2013)


Artist:  Odessa (Facebook)

Album:  “Carry the Weight”


  1. Separated
  2. Breaking Point
  3. All I Have
  4. Animosity
  5. On the Outside
  6. Path of Frustration
  7. Isolation
  8. Divide and Conquer
  9. Carry the Weight
  10. Anywhere But Here
  11. Blind
  12. Complications

Hold onto your hats hardcore fans, and prepare to be blown away by the rising star that is Odessa, breaking into the scene with their debut record, “Carry the Weight,” a forty-six minute example of hardcore at its finest.  This band is going to dominate the scene, once this record drops for purchase and the listening pleasure of fans and newcomers alike.  If you’re thinking of getting into hardcore, then definitely start here.  These brilliant young men that make up the five-piece dream-team Odessa are out to make a name for themselves, and this album is only the beginning – and what a great way to start.  Hailing from the UK, these men are holding nothing back and pulling out all the stops – this record is full of heart, promise and plenty of talent, and would bring out the best even in the most skeptical of hardcore fans.  Anyways, I can’t just keep going on like this forever; allow me to give you a glimpse into the enigmatic debut of Odessa, “Carry the Weight”:

I myself am an absolute fan of hardcore, especially that of the more melodic sort, and this album takes the cake.  “Carry the Weight” is an omniscient blessing given to us by the saints known as Odessa.  No interludes here, nor outros, intros or anything like that.  This is an unadulterated rampage of hardcore genius, taking no wrong turns or pulling any punches.  From track one to twelve, this album is full of everything a hardcore fan could want:  Harmonious melodies, ear shattering breakdowns, vicious vocals and – maybe this is just me, but – raw, perfect bass lines (Which, honestly, it’s rare to be able to pick out the bass when listening to music these days, but not in this case – and thank goodness for that.).  This honest and thrilling album is solid through and through, not a single straying track.  Also, did I mention bounce?  Oh, no?  Well, I’ll do that then – bounce.  This album is so bouncy, and I can’t get enough of it.  As soon as the opportunity arises to see these boys on tour, you know I’m there, and after you’ve heard this record you will be too.  I have to mention, as well – in most hardcore today, you don’t really get much out of the guitar like you used to.  A chug here, a chug there, everywhere and every second a chug.  Chugs are good, I won’t lie; I like chugs, but these boys strayed from the beaten path.  Instead of sticking to today’s norm, Odessa’s guitarists, Connor O’rourke and Jamie Wrighton should be praised for their exemplary guitar work in this album, showing that hardcore bands can still shred and make beautiful and awe-inspiring sounds.  Can’t just stop there, though; the powerful bass in this album had me going.  It’s not often that I care about bass, but I just couldn’t get enough of it in this record; I tip my non-existent hat to Tom Stokes for playing in a way that actually makes me want to hear the bass.  Still going strong on this rant, Simon Hutchings’ drums will take you for a ride; no programming or just constant thuds to be found here – simply put, this is raw talent, and nothing but.  Now we’re left with the vocals – in today’s hardcore scene, it’s hard to find a vocalist with actual talent.  There are vocalists in the scene that have plenty of talent, sure, but the majority, honestly, fail to make the cut.  That’s not Richard Lardner.  Winston McCall, watch your back, ‘cause Richard Lardner and his boys in Odessa are here, and here to stay.

Stand-Out Track:

“Blind”:  Although this is only the eleventh of twelve tracks on “Carry the Weight,” “Blind” is a perfect song to wrap-up all of the feelings, as well as the music itself, this album presents.  This melodic spark of genius hits hard, making it clear that this is a serious band.  This is no joke, there’s no playing around.  Odessa are making a statement here, and it’s that they have what it takes to rise to the ranks of legendary bands such as Terror or Parkway Drive, and even beyond.  “Blind” takes you for a trip of a lifetime through the mentality of Odessa, giving a look inside the deep feelings they want nothing to express.  I could go on all day about this song, but honestly, you need to hear it for yourself.  It almost, honestly, brings a tear to my eye as I listen to the sheer beauty of these melodies that these men have strung so well together.


Buy this album – something I should have said to kick off this review, because that is what I must get to you.  Buy this album, put it in your CD player, play it in your car, throw it onto your iPod; whatever you have to do, do it, and simply listen to this album.  This is a band that shows so much promise and so much skill; many hardcore releases don’t live up to the hype, and this album hasn’t exactly had as much hype as most hardcore bands that have recently made it big have had, and I ask, “Why not?”  If there are ANY albums that deserve hype, this is the one!  This album blasts into your ears and swims through your veins; you become one with the music, with the beautiful melodies and the intense emotions broadcasted throughout the album.  Hardcore isn’t what it used to be, as most music isn’t these days; hardcore used to be so full of the most skilled band members you could find in the metal and any branch of metal scenes.  The best guitarists, drummers, bassists and vocalist you’d ever heard in your life – those of you who are diehard hardcore fans must know what I mean, and when you hear this album, you’ll know that Odessa is the band bringing that back.  They’ve brought to the table an extraordinary revival of the entire hardcore genre, and saved it from the life-support it has been hooked to for years.  “Carry the Weight,” Odessa’s debut record, releases on the twentieth of January through Ghost Music, and is available to pre-order through the store on the band’s Facebook page.  These boys have great and groundbreaking things in store for you, and all of us, so make sure to support them however you can.  Long live hardcore!

Rating:  5/5