REVIEW: Like Vultures – Obsessed 2013



Like Vultures is a brand new face in the metalcore scene, so they had to deliver strong to make an impact in a genre with great names such as Asking Alexandria, Crown The Empire, and As I Lay Dying. They did just that with their debut EP “Obsessed”. This 7-track EP from start to finish is a monster powerhouse and gets everything going right for these unknown newcomers. At first listen it sounds generic. But if you take the time it has a unique sound and the vocals are not done like most metalcore bands. You hear a primal, raw, emotional tone with it. The lead track Top Shelf is hard hitting from the get go. Starting with the opening vocals and scream it doesn’t let up. They experiment a bit with techno like beats in a couple songs, including The Truth. The biggest standout track is Stay in the Light. It has a power to it which is almost unexplainable, but you can’t help but mosh along and love it. All in all, Like Vultures has plenty of potential, and “Obsessed” is a great way to start. They are just starting, so they can easily build into their own unique and signature sound.

Standout Tracks: Stay in the Light, Top Shelf, 7-10-12

Overall Rating: 4/5


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