Exclusive Premiere: Freak The Mighty Show Outspoken Side With “Their Lies, The Truth”

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OK’s Freak The Mighty is a band that refuses to stay down for too long. After a minor setback, with the departure of their original lead singer, they’re back with his replacement, along with a brand new guitarist. This newly-solidified line-up couldn’t have been more perfectly crafted! Now, with one single (“Vigilante”) released to give you a little taste of what’s to come, they’re back for round 2 with “Their Lies, The Truth” which is a re-worked version of “Stones” from their Remember the Monsters EP! We had the chance to check out a pre-mastered version of this track, which we posted a review for a couple of weeks ago and you can check out here. The wait is over, as the hushed whispers will now become a roar.  On the track, vocalist Chris Wigham had this to say:

This song is about all the people in our lives who think that what they say or do is truly going to affect us. In the the end, it leaves that person throwing sticks and stones at themselves. Because we just don’t give a shit about what people have to say, we won’t let ANYONE bring us down. No matter how close they are to us.

Further elaborating, rhythm guitarist Rick Mendoza says:

This song is probably my favorite song we’ve ever done musically. Kyle and I found Chris and Rikki and there was no more perfect a time to improve it. We scrapped a lot from the song, stripped it down, and beefed it up. To me this is how the song was always meant to be. When you are working with musicians who really have ideas you can take one thing and make it so much more. This song means a lot to all of us.

Check out “Their Lies, The Truth” below and let us, and the band, know what you think! They’ll be hitting us with their new EP, Archetype, in the near future and you’d be insane not to be excited about it!

Freak The Mighty is:
Chris Wigham – Lead Vocals (Top Left)
Rikki Spradlin – Lead Guitar (Bottom Left)
Rick Mendoza – Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals (Top Right)
Kyle Combs – Drums (Bottom Right)

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