Exclusive Review: Altessa – Sara (Single)

Artist: Altessa
Album: Sara – Single
Rating: 5/5

A debut single, it’s the first impression you get of a band. You either make a good impression or a bad one… regardless, that impression sticks. Luckily, for Sacramento’s Altessa, their debut single, “Sara” is amazing. 2 years in the making, this massive track was produced by the legendary Erik Ron (Panic! At the Disco, Crown the Empire, Motionless in White) at Grey Area Studios and mastered by Kris Krummett (Issues, Sleeping With Sirens, Dance Gavin Dance. The following quote is taken from the press release by the band: “Sara is a very personal song to the band. Lyrically, the song covers addiction, trust, jealousy, and their effects on relationships. This song marks the first release from the band; it illuminates some of the band’s personal experiences and showcases the unique sound that is Altessa.”

A creepy piano-led intro starts the song before vocalist Richie Gomes comes in and it’s apparent that the influence of the bands Ron has worked with resonates throughout the track. From the dark, circus-like aura that encompasses the songs, down to the instruments which sound very much like something out of a Crown the Empire demo. That’s not to say that this band has copied or even tried to copy these bands, just saying that the influence is definitely there. The instruments are tightly-wound into somewhere between a hard rock/metalcore jam session, the vocals are to die for and… just when you think you’ve figured this track out, it suddenly gets heavier and Gomes starts screaming!

Convinced yet? If that’s not enough for you… the overall composition of this track is enough to stagger the mind! 2 legendary producers, one extremely ambitious band, coming together for a collaboration that has to be heard to be believed! Be sure to check out the lyric video for “Sara”, courtesy of BryanStars, pick up the single on their BandCamp (or other preferred digital retailer) and keep up with this incredible band as they make their journey to stardom!

Altessa is:
Richie Gomes – Vocals
Julian Grenz – Bass
Leonard Gutay – Drums
Kendall Schoenfeld – Guitar
Bailey Zindel – Guitar

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