EXCLUSIVE Review: Annie Sails Sorrow – Drifter EP

Front Cover

Artist: Annie Sails Sorrow
Album: Drifter
Rating: 10/10

In a genre riddled with mediocrity, Oregon’s Annie Sails Sorrow has got melodic hardcore down to an exact science. Some of you may remember me reviewing their debut single, “Beefcake” a few months ago which was just a taste of what was to come. The band has completed their first EP and are set to unleash it on the masses December 20th! If you loved “Beefcake”, you are in for a major treat. While that track is most widely recognized by those who know of the band, it’s the track with the least stay power after hearing the rest of the EP. This is why that particular track will be a bonus track. This EP includes, hands-down, some of the best work I’ve heard by ANY underground band at this point. What’s better? They have included Jacob Krueger (of Like Vultures) along for the ride! This EP is a ride from start to finish and will take you through the emotional wringer pretty quickly.

Instrumentals: “Drifter” is not your typical metal EP, by any means. Drummer Travis Sells can keep a beat like no underground drummer I’ve ever seen. Not to mention the technical nature of the riffs that slither out from guitarists, Nic Moore’s and Brian Christie’s, axe and bassist Adriuhn Espinoza’s incredibly groovy bass lines. The level of musicianship on this EP is nuts, you can hear it most in the tracks “Currents” and “Unsinkable”.

Lyrical Content: “Drifter” tells the story of a man who is lost, but finds a way to push forward and keep hope, even in the darkest of times. “Your body is a vessel, let your heart be your compass and you will never be led astray.” This is a story of finding hope, even in the depths of despair. If you ever feel like you’ve been cast out, thrown aside or stepped on… this EP is for you. When you go out and buy this EP tomorrow, you definitely want to take in all of the lyrics and let them set in.

Overall: This is one of the few EPs I have put on my top 25 albums of the year feature, to be posted later this month. It made it into my top 3, not only because of anticipation, not only because of musicianship but, most of all because of the message it conveys. “Drifter” will surely put these boys on the map and 2014 is only going to hold bigger and better things for them! The departure of Nic Moore and Adriuhn Espinoza have left A.S.S. fans with heavy hearts and we wish them the best. Let’s all join in and welcome Will Garcia to the mix, though! Next year is going to be monumental for these boys and I’m glad they kept me along for the ride! Go out and pick up “Drifter” tomorrow and discover for yourself that there are still artists out there who do this for the fans!

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